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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Willie Randolph, Manager of the NY Metropolitans

Willie is the man. The NYPost thinks it's the Winning Move

IT'S time the Mets stop acting like "idiots."

It's time the Mets stop making believe they are some kind of small-market franchise, living in fear of the Yankees' giant shadow.

That's why it's time for Willie Randolph to be their manager. The coronation is today. Finally, the Mets are serious about New York, serious about winning.

Yes, hiring Willie is DEFINITELY a sign the Mets have stopped acting like "idiots". He's got Yankee winning tradition in him. They would only be serious about winning if they had a ex-Yankee in here as opposed to "Rudy Who?". The NYTimes suggested that Rudy fit the description of who they were looking for but was not high profile enough. I seriously hope the fact that he was not a household name did not factor into the decision and the best man won. If not, the Mets have not stopped acting like "idiots".

"I'm looking for a manager who is going to be able to delegate to his staff. I'm looking for a manager who is going to interact with the community during the season and during the off season, a manager who wants to know what's going on in the minor leagues, who interacts with the farm director, who interacts with the Triple-A manager, who travels to the instructional league, who travels to winter leagues. And I'd like to say I'm looking for a guy at the end of the day who has leadership qualities."
-Omar Minaya

I'm all for Willie if is the right guy, but only time will tell on that. It is a shame that Rudy may not be with the organization at all to impart some much needed hitting advice for some of the developing young guys like Reyes and Diaz who definitley need to refine their approach to the plate.

"I've got the best hitting job in the world. Man, why would I want to leave? I'm at home," Jamarillo said.

The papers still think he may be pried away, but the Mets would have to blow him away to take him away from home. Besides, after being eschewed by Minaya for the spot he really wanted, would he come to the Mets? I'd have to say it would be unlikely unless they pay him manager money, and not new manager money that Willie got.

In the end Willie, who was Assistant GM in 1993, third base coach 1994-2003, and bench coach in 2004, probably won because of his NY ties and the fact he lives in NY year round. Jaramillio could not offer that since his home is in Texas and will remain living there. Willie will become the 18th manager of the NY Mets and he becomes the first minority manager in New York. I'm glad the entire deal is done and the Mets can move on and start concentrating on player personnel. I'm not sure why they even bothered to bring everyone back since this seemed to be decided weeks ago. Randolph is due to make a bit more than $1.5 million over three years, which is what Jaramillo was offered to remain a hitting coach in Texas in terms of money per year. Are they really prepared to offer the hitting coach more than their newly hired manager? Rick Peterson is making more than the manager, but when he was hired, the manager was making over $2 million per year.

UPDATE: I have no idea what Rick is getting paid. I thought I knew, but I have none. So pay no attention to the above about Rick.

* * *

  • Here is a quote for you:

    "I think it's going to be a very aggressive marketplace," Boras says, "because clubs run the risk of not being competitive if they don't add a franchise player to their club.

    "And remember, the owners are making a fortune. They had $4.1 billion in revenues last year. There are going to be plenty of aggressive teams."

    Man, who doesn't hate this guy? As an owner aren't you entitled to make money? Besides, the picture is not as rosy as he paints it for these owners. Yes, they have money. They had enough to buy and entire ball club, they are obviously not worrying about having their rent money by the 1st of the month. However, in 2003 (I do not have 2004 information of yet, so there is no way to use the newest data) Major League baseball teams recorded $3,978,000,000 in revenue. Not bad huh? After all that money, there was a total reported loss of $56.03 million between all of the teams. The Red Sox accounted for $ 11.4 million in profit, the Mariners accounted for $17 million in profit, the Indians accounted for a $10.4 million dollar profit, the White Sox accounted for a $12.8 million dollar profit, the Reds accounted for a $11.7 million dollar profit, and the Athletics accounted for $11.2 million dollar profit. Those were the only teams to register over a $10 million dollar profit. Fifteen teams lost money and 14 teams made money, while one team broke even. The total average profit/loss for each major league team is -$1.9 million.

    Owners are doing their part and spending their money. I fully realize this is cat and mouse game between the owners and the agents/players to get the most they can out of the situation. But you cannot expect a business to keep being viable if there is a total average loss. Baseball is by no means in danger like hockey or Japanese baseball and it is largely profitable overall, but there is not much more wiggle room for players to squeeze out more money. The best you can ask for is the teams break even. You want the owners to put as much money into the team as they can without losing money. Overall, that is what is happening and as Scott puts it, most of the owners are not making a fortune from their teams. I'm sure they have hefty paychecks, but they are the owners. Do they not deserve something? It's hard to care about watching super millionaires and millionaires argue about money, but it is what it is.

    So who lost the most money in 2003? The Texas Rangers took home that prize with a loss of $28.5 million followed close by the New York Yankees with a loss of $26.3 million. As for the Mets, they finished with the third biggest loss of $19.3 million. However, their large loss is directly due to their poor gate receipts of $55 million. They only drew 2,140,599 that year and if they can start winning some games, they would make up for that easily. But don't feel so bad for the Wilpon's, that was also the year they were pushing $120,000,000 in payroll. Being that they drew more than 200,000 more people at the gates and they had $20,000,000+ less payroll, I think they did alright this year.

    In case you were wondering who the richest owner in baseball is, it is Carl Pohlad of the Minnesota Twins. His net worth is estimated at over $2 billion dollars.

  • The stars of the Major Leagues will travel to Japan for an eight game series against Japan’s best remaining players. Game one is Friday night with Roger Clemens taking on Japanese pitcher Koji Uehara in the Tokoyo Dome.

    The game to pay attention to is the second one when Seibu Lions 23-year old star Daisuke Matsuzaka will pitch against some of the best the major leagues have to offer.

    While we are on the Daisuke topic, he is newly engaged. He is going to get married to a 29 year old Japanese sports reporter, who would not look to bad sitting next to Anna Benson at Shea.

  • Kintetsu Buffaloes infielder Norihiro Nakamura said Wednesday he will make his second attempt to move to the major leagues, this time through the posting system, which is how Daisuke Matsuzaka would have to come over to the Major Leagues.

    Nakamura, who walked away from a free-agent deal with the New York Mets in 2002, will become the fourth Japanese player to use the bidding system after Ichiro, Kazuhisa Ishii, and Akinori Otsuka.

    "I wanted to make a champion out of Kintetsu, but that is impossible now (with the merger with the Orix BlueWave). The deciding factor for me was the merger," said Nakamura, who must now wait for a bid from a major league club.

    Nakamura is a lifetime .267 hitter and will most likely not command too much interest. The Mets not getting him was one of the best things that could have happened. He would have been a colossal bust.

  • Speaking of bust, check out Barbara Bush and look closely:

    It must be really cold.

  • Cameron speaks, Mets.com listens. Mike Cameron lobbied for John Olerud and Carlos Beltran and John Olerud is keeping his options open.

    "I'm open to the possibility, that's for sure. I don't want to get into a situation 'if this happens or if that happens,' but I'm definitely open to it."

    The most curious part of the article was this:

    Don't be surprised if Troy Glaus' name finds its way into the first base mix at some point either. The former Anaheim Angels slugger is healthy and, though his primary goal is to play third base, MLB.com has confirmed there is legitimate interest in Glaus in the Big Apple. Since the Mets and Yanks both have third basemen, the only spot for Glaus would be at first. If the situation were right and all third base options were exhausted, Glaus would be open to playing first.

  • There was a grenade found at Wrigley Field and it was empty and harmless. The police spokesman made a classic quote:

    "It's a dud, just like the Cubs were," police spokesman Pat Camden said Wednesday.

    I'm guessing Pat should not be expecting any free tickets from the Tribune Company anytime soon.

  • The Giants excercised JT Snow's $2 million option. So if he the Mets get him, it will have to be via trade which seems unlikely at this point.

  • Someone should send the terrorist group Moro Islamic Liberation Front a message that they should consider changing their name. They are referred to as MILF for short and if they want to be taken seriously in the US, they better be able to be referred to without a couple people getting a good laugh every time someone says their acronym.

  • Although there was some speculation that Ryan Dempster would be given the closer's job in Chicago, they may pursue Troy Percival. The Cubs also would like to try and bring back Nomar with a one year contract, but the article suggests that he may be willing to play 2nd base for the Yankees, although longtime friend Lou Merloni doubts a position change will happen.

    "I thought that was pretty funny, he's not going to be changing any positions," Merloni said.

  • Carl Pavano was offered a three year $21 million offer from the Marlins. That does not look like it will get it done since he can fetch up to three million more per year elsewhere. The Marlins are going to have to up their offer if they want him to return.

    "Carl is still intent on testing the market. He owes it to himself," said agent Scott Shapiro.

  • The White Sox are looking at Carlos Beltran and Omar Vizquel. If they are going to bring Beltran in, they will most likely have to move either Paul Konerko or Carlos Lee, if not both.

  • The Post suggests that the Yankees may try to get Rudy Jaramillo. Of course! The Yankees are getting Beltran, Johnson, Pavano, Garciaparra, Martinez, and now Jaramillo. If he is coming to NY at all, it will be with his good friend Omar.


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