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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cow-Bell Guy told me to "Shut the F*** up, you do not know who you are messing with."

Hmmm...this is certainly an interesting little story that I got from Vinny's No Joy in Metsville page.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a self-proclaimed diehard Mets fan. I have just returned home from tonight's game and I have a horrid tale to tell. I do not know if you are aware of the Cow-Bell Guy, who walks around the stadium banging a cow-bell in people's ears. I enjoy going to Shea many times throughout the season (while I am not a season ticket holder, tonight has been my 14th game this year, and I have the ticket stubs from every game but tonight's to prove it.) and I have been bothered on many occasions by the Cow-Bell Guy. I have always believed that fans are able to enjoy the game without interference from external harassment and tonight when I sat just one row away from the aisle and the Cow-Bell Guy banged the bell right in my ear, I decided to tell him how I felt. In verbatim, I said "Cow-Bell Guy, shut up, I don't want to hear your bell." What I did not know is what would happen. Much to my surprise, the Cow-Bell Guy told me to "Shut the F*** up, you (meaning I) do not know who you (I) are messing with." I replied, "You're just some guy walking around. You do not mean any more than I do." A police officer from the Reserved Section behind me came down, restrained the Cow-Bell Guy while he yelled more obscenities and asked that both of us calm down. At this point, I complied and sat back down and tried to enjoy the game. The Cow-Bell Guy continued to harass me and finally an usher came by my section and I was able to tell him what had occurred. I did not get his name, because I thought that the matter may be put to an end, perhaps with justice going my way. He was pleasantly courteous and replied that he would report this to his supervisors. A half-inning later, the supervisor did appear with six to seven security personnel. What proceeded was even more horrifying. Without even a notion of hearing what I had to say, this person pushed me into the tunnel, and ordered that I forfeit my ticket. I gave him my ticket and he told me that I was being kicked out. While I was being escorted out forcibly, all I did was ask if Cow-Bell Guy had more rights than regular fans in trying to enjoy the game. The Security personnel barked that "you (meaning I) should shut the h*** up and keep walking if you (I) do not want to get arrested." When I looked at him and said that he did not have the right to treat me in this fashion, he implied that I was homosexual. While I walked to the press elevator to be ejected, I also heard racist epithets (I am an Asian-American) and further forceful language of threatening nature. I am sure that you will not hear any corroborating accounts from the people who treated me in this fashion. One of the security personnel, who was escorting me out who seemed the least professional, had his name tag turned around. I was able to catch a glimpse of another personnel's tag. This person's last name was Albino, or something resembling it, first name may have been Michael. When I asked for the security personnel's name who was harassing me, he told me to shut up and keep walking. He was about 6'1", 6'2" with a shaved or bald head. The supervisor, who was the second worst if not THE worst, was named Sean Dean, or something close to it. They were in charge of the Upper Deck Box/Reserved section on the first base side.

While I do understand that some people enjoy Cow-Bell Guy's presence, I also know that many fans are turned off by it. Everybody is entitled to his/her opinion, and I am horrified to find out the stance of the Mets organization on this issue. On the back of every ticket it is stated that under NEW YORK LAW, that "...alcoholic beverages, controlled or illegal substances, laser pointer, NOISEMAKING DEVICES, fireworks, animals... ... are not permitted in the ballpark." I see that bothersome cowbells do not fit the description. It is not as if I am complaining about the presence of a Met institution, such as Mr. Met, rather someone who outwardly pose an annoyance to other fans in attendance. Personally, I think a fan should enjoy the game and root for his/her team by watching the game unfold and cheer respectfully, not bother other fans in their enjoyment of the game. Furthermore, I am disgusted that the Mets organization condones the actions/opinions perpetuated by the personnel, which it employs.

Tonight's experience has made me very aware of what I feel is a serious issue. Please do not take this as any form of threat, however, I am well prepared to forward my opinion and account of this event to any forum, which I can reach, including newspapers, online forums, news stations, etc. I am severely appalled at how I was treated, and fully expect a reply from you. Thank you for your time in reading this message.

First of all, who knows if this story is true. I've never seen anything buy smiles from the Cow-Bell man. Second, if it is true, why is this guy so upset about the dude hitting a Cow-bell? I've been going for years, and it is part of the game. Video games actually put him into the game when teams are playing at Shea. That being said, if it is in fact true, who knew the Cow-Bell man was an mean 'ole SOB and had a Cow-Bell mafia? To be safe, offer to buy him a beer if you see him. Strange story nonetheless.

* * *

  • Kris Benson's last start was the 12th consecutive outing that he has pitched at least six innings.

  • BA just keeps throwing the love around for Mets prospects lately.

    Signed out of the Dominican as a 16-year-old, the Mets' Carlos Gomez is putting together an impressive SAL campaign. The speedster went 3-for-3 last night for the second straight game while stealing his SAL-leading 43rd base. The low Class A Hagerstown outfielder has seen his batting average improve each month this season and his hitting .275/.320/.400. The 19-year-old has just 14 walks in 280 at-bats and will need to improve on that to make himself a true force as a leadoff hitter. Sounds like another Mets leadoff hitter.

    A low blow on the Reyes poke...a low blow.

  • From ESPN's Power Rankings:

    Frank Thomas hit 10 home runs in his first 69 at-bats this season. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Barry Bonds in 2004 (10 in 51 AB) was the last player to hit 10 in less than 70 ABs.

  • This is no newsflash that the Nationals are serious about winning this year and they are attempting to acquire Preston Wilson if they can figure out the money situation and get over Wilson's no-trade clause. His home/road splits are enough to make Mrs. Mookie Wilson cry, but he has talent and still relatively young, so he could work out just fine. He is solid defensively, and can hit with some power and some speed. The Nationals would give up J.J. Davis and Zach Day, who was disappointing this year. The ex-Yankee farmhand Zach Day is a solid sinker ball pitcher and the Rockies try to stockpile those types of guys to see if they can have some success up in the high altitude. However, the sinker balls don't sink, the splitters don't split, and the curve balls don't curve. Good luck Zach, we hardly knew yee. You better be praying this trade does not go through.

  • Worst game.....ever. How many times could the Mets shoot themselves in the foot?

    1) Ramon Castro getting thrown out at the plate after inexplicably stopping at third on a laser to the wall. Where was Manny Acta? Was he yelling and Castro did not hear him?
    2) Heilman loading the bases in the ninth inning.
    3) Braden Looper's inability to get a big strikeout despite throwing mid to high 90's. He simply cannot make people swing and miss.
    4) Cliff Floyd misplaying the baseball.
    5) Miguel Cario making a costly error in the eleventh.
    6) Looper again not being able to get a big out and not being able to get a big strikeout. Seriously, can he learn an off speed pitch? He fools nobody. If he had the ability to pull the string on guys sitting dead red, it seems like it would be a huge addition.

    The Mets lost that game in such fabulous fashion, it is hard to point to one exact thing. If the Mets cut one of those six mistakes out, they win or give themselves a chance to win by way of the other team earning it rather than have it given to them. Looper was gassed from getting three saves in the last four game, but so was the entire bullpen. Heilman has thrown 86 pitches since July 1st and pitched in four games in eight days. Roberto Hernandez was tired from getting up and down each night in the series and Heath Bell has just went two innings and twenty two pitches last night. Everyone was gassed, but someone needed to step up. Someone needed to step up on this team, but the loss was indicative of the Mets previous four seasons. The Mets just invent ways to lose and they completely did not deserve to win this game with the horrendous play at the end of this game. Tough loss coming after a great series and now there is no way they can lose these two games. Why are we Met fans again?

  • Minor update:
    • Columbus beat Norfolk 6-5. Angel Pagan hit his fifth homer of the year and Jason Scobie pitched seven solid innings giving up six hits, two earned runs, one walk, two homers, and struck out six. Steve Coyler have up four hits and three earned runs and failed to record an out.
    • The B-Mets and Norwich were rained out.
    • St. Lucie beat Fort Myers 5-2. Andy Wilson went 1 for 3 with an RBI and Tyler Davidson went 2 for 2 with a run scored, a double, and an RBI.
    • Hagerstown lost to West Virginia 4-3. Gaby Hernandez went five innings, giving up two hits, one walk, no earned run, and struck out four in a no-decision that dropped his ERA to 2.43. Philip Hughes got promoted to high A-ball and Gaby should be moved along as well. Carlos Gomez went 1 for 3 with two walks and run scored and Mike Carp went 2 for 3 with a run scored and a double.
    • The Brooklyn Cyclones were rained out against the Staten Island Yankees.
    • The K-Mets lost to Princeton 4-2.
  • Victor Zambrano pitched another great game. In fact, he has been outstanding he got out of April.
                         IP   ERA WHIP  H/9  W/9  K/9 K/BB W-L
    Since May 1st: 76.2 2.76 1.23 6.91 4.14 4.90 1.18 3-4
    Last Eight Starts: 54.2 2.30 1.12 6.91 3.13 3.45 1.42 2-3
    The shame of it all is that he only has three wins to show for it. At least he really seems to have turned a corner to become the pitcher the Mets thought they were getting.

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