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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Randon Tidbits 5-26-07

Virtual verbal exchange of the year?

Louis (Brooklyn, NY): Jose Reyes is overrated, one great year, the previous year he made the 4th most outs in the histroy of baseball and he's still injury prone, your thoughts?

SportsNation Keith Law: (1:03 PM ET ) My thoughts? You're insane.

Oh so misguided Yankee fan. Too bad he's not in the minority. Jeter is the best player in the universe!

It was oh so appropriate that this question came a few later.

Markward (Aarhus, Denmark): Hi Keith. You always seem to have great knowledge about european cities... been traveling a lot there? Did you notice Jeter blowing a bubble while rounding 1st base when he hit a triple agains the Red Sox.. very impressive.

SportsNation Keith Law: (1:15 PM ET ) Haven't been to Europe in several years, but I do love traveling there. Never been to Denmark, though - maybe we'll go to the original Legoland when my daughter's old enough. Jeter's bubble-blowing was yet another example of how clutch he is.

I love it. It should also be noted there is no way Jose Reyes could do that.

While on the topic of Jose Reyes, he is fantastic and has been for long period of time now. However, his 0.98 G/F ratio is very concerning. In his previous two seasons, Jose maintained a G/F or 1.36 or higher. At the end of the game Thursday night he popped out with two outs in the ninth and the tying run on third. It seems he is getting away from his game a bit and hitting more and more pop-ups. The other strange thing is that although he is walking more, he is still seeing less (though marginally less) pitches than he saw in 2004 and 2005.

While Reyes still figures to be very good this year, there are some indicators to suggest that Reyes could be in for a slight regression this year. He has pop, but not enough to be flyball hitter. He really needs to concentrate more on being the batter he was in 2006 with the eye he has in 2007. Unless he makes some adjustment, I expect him to continue to struggle.

  • Back to Thursday. One out...tying runs in scoring position....let's bring in Franco! I have no issue with the bunt laid down by Gotay. Willie says he took the bunt sign off to Eddie Coleman on WFAN, but that's not the issue. The issue is by bringing in Franco you are relegating yourself to hoping for a single to right field from a guy that couldn't hit a watermelon right now. Me? I'd prefer to go with the pop in that situation. On top of that, as much as I am for dropping Delgado in the order until he starts hitting, I'm not so sure he should be batting behind Paul LoDuca.

    Weird stuff going on in Willie's head. Weird stuff.

  • Pedro is long tossing 250 feet and says he will be able to throw 95 mph when he comes back. Fuck me baby.

    "Those were the days I felt like this - like I could just pick up a ball and shoot it without any hesitation, anything to think about," Martinez said. "That's how good I've been feeling."

    For a guy who said he would retire if he didn't feel good, this is very, very, very encouraging. And for good measure, he went after the Rocket.

    Martinez also whistled a verbal fastball under the chin of Roger Clemens, saying he watched Clemens pitch Wednesday and "I can do that and probably even better at this point."

    I love this guy and we need his edge back on this team.

  • The Duque? Solid. The Mets are back to a 2.5 game lead over the Bravos.

  • Ha ha!

    George Steinbrenner hung a bull's-eye on the back of general manager Brian Cashman by saying that he alone will shoulder the blame if the Yankees don't turn their season around.

    More drama. Remind me why it's good to be a Yankee again?

  • Jose Valentin is Willie's man when he returns.

    "He's my everyday second baseman," Randolph said of Valentin.

    I actually like Valentin in the super utility role getting work in the outfield as well as in the infield with Easley. Especially with Green going down and Moises' penchant for getting hurt, I wouldn't be so quick to make any assertions. That would also allow the Mets to perhaps clear up a roster spot by getting rid of super-utility man David Newhan. Also, this is weird because Willie is Mr. Non-committal who continually makes guys earn things. Even Jose Reyes has to earn his spot every spring so why he would commit to Valentin of all people is beyond me.
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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Jose Reyes still injury prone? Uhh, this isn't 2003 anymore...

    I think Keith forgot to mention that Jeter has 4 world series rings.

    I love El Duque, I had a feeling he was going to dominate that Marlins team like he has the past 2 seasons.
    Also, what's the deal with Sergio Mitre? I've always liked him and always thought he was solid but what he's doing now is amazing. The kid is good.

    George Steinbrenner is an asshole. I always defend Cashman because Steinbrenner always interferred with Cashman's business.
    Cashman wants to get Vladi? The Boss wanted and got Sheffield.
    Cashman wanted Beltran? The Boss wanted an over the hill Randy Johnson, knowing that Bernie Williams was useless.
    Cashman wanted Pedro and countless others? The boss wanted Pavano.
    I mean seriously, what the fuck is that? Cashman gets one season to fix what Steinbrenner fucked up, runs into some bad luck with how bad the bullpen has performed as well as every single starting pitcher going down and he's going to get fired?

    Willie committing to Jose Valentin is no surprise, one look at that moustache and its over.

    11:33 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Benny, while I usually agree with your assessments, this defense of Cashman is a bit over the top. Yes, Steinbrenner always gets in the way. But man, a 200 mil plus payroll and they're 4 games under 500 a third of the way thru the season. All mgmt positions there should be canned. They're all fucked and I love every second of that disaster over there. It's a beautiful thing. How do you have that kind of payroll and not have better starting pitching than that? Insane.

    Good to see El Duque back and kicking ass. Too bad we know it's only a matter of time until he goes down again.

    Good call on Valentin.

    I wonder how long Franco gets to stay on the roster before mgmt realizes it's over like every one else has?

    Mike, so I figured out a way to get to post again. Just use anonymous instead of my messed up google acct. I'm back!


    12:00 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mike - sure you saw that Gonzales went down for the year - major headache for the Braves. Tough to lose to them ever (especially when Glavine/pen are so tough). I wonder how long they can keep up with the Mets when they are so banged up (though, having watched Cox/Schuerholz pull people out of nowhere, I am not feeling at all confident).
    Yankees are a great story, and I agree with Anthony - when you have that kind of $$ you cannot make huge mistakes (and Pavano is the worst free agent signing ever). Could be a long year for them as everyone suddenly gets old (can someone say 1965?!)

    12:22 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    First time any of your posts begged for a little buggering, but then the idea of Pedro at 95 mph is pretty mind blowing.

    I'm thinking that Newhan's days on the Mets may be numbered. Don't know why. Just a hunch.

    Reyes is still leading the majors in the all important S/D. By my count he's at a 200/1 ratio which is very impressive indeed.

    Pedro sticks it to Clemens! Next comes the gunfight! The Sheriff don't like big ego'ed newcomers.

    Don't mind Valentin starting. Think he's more likely to hit that way, and pre-boo boo he was actually exhibiting what one might call range. His big problem was perhaps that he should have always been a second baseman, not a shortstop.

    PS S/D does not stand for shits per day!

    1:05 PM

    Blogger mr.bmc said...

    Jose Reyes is awesome. His G/F has dropped because he's hitting more line drives. 4% more than last year in fact.


    He's in a bit of a slump right now but he'll break out in a week. And when he gets hot...

    If Hosey is awesome then Pedro is super awesome. Swellawesome even. Swellzilla.

    1:41 PM

    Blogger Coop said...

    So Mikey, you asked why Willie is committing to Jose. DUH. Don't you know, he trusts veterans every day of the week over young scrappy guys.

    10:38 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I don’t think it is fair to compare Reyes and Jeter unless you compare them at similar points in their career. But even then I would be reluctant to do so. Reyes has been blessed with more physical talent than Jeter but whether or not that will translate into a better career or not is obscured in my crystal ball. Suffice it to say that anyone who puts down either Jeter or Reyes is an idiot.

    Most of us who work, unless we belong to a powerful union (teachers, government, teamsters, etc.) or have a position that awards tenure, all have to produce. Working for George does have more pressure that with a team such as KC but George makes up for it in the salary he pays and there is some prestige associated with working for the Yankees (because of their history).

    Willie loves Stache because in addition to his offensive skills he brings defensive talents to 2nd that Easley or Gotay do not possess. AH has these defensive skills but can’t hit.

    If Pedro comes back and throws the way he did in the beginning of his first year with the Mets I will be most happy. But 95-97, perhaps they can perform that surgery on me.

    1:55 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mike, I think Willie needs to pull out the Cleveland Indians playbook from the all-time Classic Major League and make Jose do push-ups every time he hits a ball in the air, ala Willie Mays Hayes!

    2:47 PM

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