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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Downfall of the Big Guy

Carlos Delgado is batting .217/.245/.543 this month and the worst thing is this is not even his worst month. He has a .188/.262/.260 line in April and has only been Delgado-like in May. Despite all of that, he has only spent 33 at-bats out of the four hole and only 8 at-bats lower than the fifth spot. When Moises gets back, Delgado should honestly be dropped down to 7th in the order.There is enough time he could recover to put up decent numbers this month and finish with a .260/.330/.500 line on the season, but he just does not seem like he is close to turning it around.

I still do not believe he is this bad, but it should noted that in 2006 he only had one month at these levels when he put up a .208/.300/.406 line in May and no full months in '05 approaching those levels. It may bring comfort to know that he did put up a .194/.313/.344 line in May of '04 and a .207/.286/.488 line in April of '04. It is possible he still finishes the year with respectable numbers that approach 2004 and 2006 numbers, but he is not instilling much confidence in many people these days. He simply does not look like he is having any bad luck or anything like that contributing to his atrocious start.

He is on pace to hit 25+ homers and 100+ RBIs, but it is hollow 25+ homers and a 100+ RBIs. He has a .197 batting average with runners in scoring position and has 3.7 runs created per game which is down from 7.0, 9.3, and 7.3 from the past three years. In fact, check out the stats for when him when the Mets need their big guys to step up. He is struggling in close and late (.219 BA), runners on (.220 BA), runners in scoring position (.197), and man on 3rd less than two outs (.133). If he is still struggling when Alou comes back, he simply must be slid down to 7th in the batting order if not 8th. This team is proving it does matter who bats where. The entire team will not be firing on all cylinders at every point in the season and having a 4th or 5th hitter with an OBP under .300 just is not going to cut it.

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  • So we are finally here. Mets vs. Yankees in Yankee Stadium with both teams heading in completely opposite directions. If the Mets plan to have a shot this weekend at taking the series, they have to win tonight. What better piece of motivation than Roger Clemens. He could very well be the most hated pitcher in the bigs by the Met fan base and though the team has drastically changed since 2000, it should still be fresh in their minds.

    On July 8, 2000, Piazza was beaned by a Clemens ball and knocked out. That event came a month after Piazza smacked a grand slam off of him during interleague play. Of course we cannot forget Clemens throwing the bat at Mike during the Subway Series and then saying it was the baseball, which didn't make sense either because you do not peg people with baseballs to record outs.

    Today would be a good day for the Mets to wake up with a resounding win over the Yankees.

  • Mets Starting Pitching ERA as of Thursday Afternoon:
    1  San Diego      3.38
    2 Arizona 3.63
    3 NY Mets 3.73
    4 LA Dodgers 3.74
    5 San Francisco 3.75
    6 Chicago Cubs 3.78
    7 Milwaukee 4.18
    8 Houston 4.26
    9 Pittsburgh 4.37
    10 Colorado 4.47
    1  San Diego      2.21
    2 LA Dodgers 3.39
    3 Atlanta 3.59
    4 San Francisco 3.67
    5 NY Mets 3.73
    6 St. Louis 3.79
    7 Milwaukee 3.83
    8 Arizona 3.85
    9 Washington 3.96
    10 Chicago Cubs 4.09

  • Rick Peterson is very high on himself.

    "I'm truly disguised as a pitching coach," Peterson said. "I know pitching inside and out, I've studied pitching my whole life, but probably my real interest is helping people untap human potential."

    It's hard to argue with him.

    "It's like if you walk in the kitchen and you've got all these marvelous ingredients laying on the counter, but you don't know how to put those ingredients together and make a gourmet recipe out of it," Peterson said. "I'm looking at these ingredients and I'm saying, 'Wow, this is not scrambled eggs. You've got something much better than this.'"

    It would be nice if a website was devoted to simply following Peterson's analogies.

  • Wasn't he supposed to be the difference making in the NL East? The Phillies wouldn't really be that much better off (if at all) with him in the rotation.

  • I have a general rule of thumb that when you repeat something 100 times in a few seconds, there is something much deeper going on and you do not actually believe what you are saying.

    "This is a test, gentlemen," Willie Randolph said after Wednesday's loss. "An early season test. An early season test."

    Willie is trying to keep a cool head about this recent downturn in the Mets play, but at some point a slump becomes something more.

    "I think for us we should be using that as motivation to play well, to kind of see where we're at," Billy Wagner said. "The way we've played over the last 12 games, people look at it different ways ... but good teams rise to the occasion and you play well. We haven't really shown we're a good team in this stretch."

    Again, they are still going to win the NL East in my eyes, but some things about this team were exposed. The bullpen needs to get solved and the offensive forces in this lineup need to get healthy and gain some consistency.
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    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    If the Mets don't play well this weekend, is it time to wonder if they a championship caliber team? With Delgado a nearly automatic out, Wright hitting the ball for the most part ordinarily, LoDuca as our No. 5 hitter (I like a little more power and a little more overall threat out of my No. 5 hitter), holes in left and right field (I never thought I'd be pining for a decrepit Moises but I am), are they really that good? The starting pitching has been, but what else?

    9:38 AM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Yes...it is time..People point to the stretch of tough teams and say it's ok to struggle against them, but shouldn't it be a test? Good teams beat good opponents. Or else you are just the Brewers. Are we the Brewers? Maybe, but let's hope not.

    Added onto your questions, would a championship team run out Franco as their 1st option off the bench and have three relievers with an ERA under 4.00? Heilman will be over 4.00 soon enough...

    9:52 AM

    Blogger Count Choculitis said...

    A "stretch of tough teams" doesn't allow for losing 2 of 3 to the D-backs (who the Yanks just annihilated), and getting swept by the Phils and Dodgers. Those teams are good not great. Omar may need to shake things up but what a shame Milledge is hurt now; he really could help.

    I may be the only one, but Franco off the bench doesn't bother me, as long as there is a reasonable alternative against a relief pitcher throwing gas. But it's almost to the point that Schoenwies needs to be released, or thrown in as a long reliever nothing more. He is horrible. This is a huge series, I don't care what Willie says.

    12:01 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey it would be one thing to struggle - that I might be able to live with - but it's far worse to plain out suck, which is pretty much what we're getting recently. We need a stopper.

    Heilman has always been more of a second halfer, at least in his relief role, so I'm not as pessimistic as this and other comments I've seen from you lately, Mike.

    Willie would make a great message guy in the Bush administration. Repeat the same thing long enough and hope someone starts to believe it.

    Anyway, I was out of the loop at a good time - off in Basel, Switzerland - and ignored, or at least attempted to igrnore, the Los Angeles series.

    Some random questions/thoughts:

    *Any chance Jake Gautreau has finally gotten it? .366 at Norleans. He's stuck out twice in 72 at bats and walked once (which oddly makes his OBP lower if you belief the stats are correct).

    *Do we prefer to emphasize the positive in noting Mike Pelfrey's seven strikeouts yesterday? Or the fact that he still needed 98 pitches to get through five innings?

    *Mets signed their 25th pick, Cole Abbot, who fell on signability and religious issues - he's a Mormon (read two year overseas committment) who had signed on at BYU. I read somewhere that he was thiniing of doing his two years after his career. He was rated in the top 200 prospects by BA, and the Mets rarely get these types of guys signed. If they sign Brandon Efferson as well, we've had better results than usual with our hedge picks (Eff has three plus pitches).

    *Did anyone pick Sean Henry as their breakout player this year? And who is Jose Castro? 329 at St. Lucie and only 20 yrs. old, merely 15 k's in 225 at bats?

    *Greg Veloz (19 yrs old) another one of those middle infielders being challenged by the organization this year is now batting .172 for the Savannah Sand Gnats (an incredibly appropriate name for the team by the way). A kind of breakout considering he was batting .043 at one point.

    Add in Jose Coronado, 21 at Binghamton and also in the department known as scuffling offensively and when does an organization committment to "challenging" players really translate to an utter lack of quality prospects at the full season levels of the organization?

    * Anyway, I'd like to propose an old fashioned office pool on when we see the name Alou again on the back of the man playing left field for the Mets. I got dibs on August 21st!

    12:02 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    As it turns out, the Mets do not resemble an NL team now as they are spiraling. They resemble the early-season Yankees.


    12:56 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    I cannot wait for Milledge to come back and he will help. I think he is am impact player and then Alou than take his sweet time. Really excited about the prospects of him being here in a few weeks if Alou is not ready, which it doesn’t look like he will be.

    SS isn’t here to stay baby!

    This series would be huge if it was the Pirates….but it’s the Yanks…Yeah it’s huge.

    For me Heilman is just pitching himself into being irrelevant. His stuff looks like the same, but he’s not getting the results. I don’t know what the deal is with him, but the Mets need another shut down reliever and they need him.

    RE: Gautrea…he’s kind of a non prospect, no? At 28, he’s been old for each league and decent. Some pop, but nothing great. He could be having a Raul Gonzalez type of year. I would be interested in seeing what any ex-top prospect could do because there was once a ton of upside, but I have to believe he’s far down on the depth charts. Below is what BA said back in ’01:

    With Georgia Tech's Mark Teixeira sidelined for most of the spring, Gautreau emerged as arguably the best all-around hitter in college baseball. He entered NCAA tournament play as the Division I leader in RBIs (84) and the Conference USA leader in homers (20). He has passed the wood-bat test, hitting .348 with power as Team USA's first baseman last summer. That might be Gautreau's position as a pro as well, though Tulane coaches can't figure out why scouts knock his third-base defense. He lacks speed, but he has the hands and arm for the hot corner. The two-time Conference USA player of the year could go in the first five picks, but he's more likely to be a mid-first-rounder.

    Good stuff on Abbot. The Mets really need to catch some lightning in those later rounds. They really haven’t flexed their financial muscle in the later rounds. While they are mostly org fillers at that point, I’ve wondered why the Mets don’t go after these signability guys harder.

    Henry is good athlete. Wasn’t he a shortstop moved to CF? I haven’t followed the minors much, but seeing Henry flash some power with 36 XBHs in 64 games is great. Really great. He’s on a decent timeline age-wise as well.

    Coronado has hands of steel too I believe.

    Alou? You see him on August 1st. Winner gets a pair of my used underwear.

    1:01 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    That Sherman article was the worst article I've read since I read a Wallace Matthews article.

    1:02 PM

    Blogger AE said...

    it's too bad gatreau bats lefty. him and gotay could possibly make for a cheap platoon at 2nd base next year. even though gotay is a switch hitter, he is better batting lefty so having both guys on the roster does not make that much sense (especially with gotay being able to play short as well - i think that sets him apart from gatreau and makes him more valuable).

    with that said, i would love to see gatreau called up in sept, if he's still playing well. he's played 3b and 2b, so maybe he could prove to be a decent utility guy to have around. obviously with the team as is, he's got no shot but i hope he continues to play well enough to maybe warrant the thought.

    6:31 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...


    12:51 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Aiight no doubt, Mets win!
    Like I said the other day, nothing to be scared of, I'm fully confident in the Mets.
    Now hopefully they don't embarass me tomorrow!

    3:58 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Well, if TG can come up with a strong performance tonight we might see the official end of all this slumping. Excepting Delgado that is; he's a wreck.

    Ollie was ther stopper I hoped for yesterday (above). Not a surprise really, but we cannot underscore how much a fleet outfield means to a fly ball pitcher like OP. Mets need to factor that into next season's thoughts.

    Gomez may be plan C, but he's a good one. Imagine when he hits. That throw off of the catch was beautiful. I'm officially on the G-wagon.

    5:57 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I know Mike and the dog are always ripping the mets on the fan for not having a true ace but the way Ollie comes up big in most of the important games.... he basically is our ace.

    Now if he can keep this up for a full season, that'll be the test.

    The mets hitting still bothers me.

    9:18 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Like I said yesterday, as Reyes goes, so go the Mets...

    12:46 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    So, just an observation in regards to Glavine. Three innings so far - and the Detroit loss as well - and I kind of find myself wishing that he'd get his 300th then fade away next season. He cannot beat a patient team. You just really get the impression that he's scuffling toward his career mark and that there's not really that much left in the tank. Take off twenty years and put him in the Questec era, and you really have to wonder how long of a career he would have.

    2:26 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    If I were Stalin, i'd have every Met killed [Reyes, Wright, Ollie and Mighty Joe excluded].

    Oh, i'd probably have the players families slaughtered beforehand.

    I guess you can say i'm upset.


    12:05 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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