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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Stopper

Well, Jorge Sosa's stats do not quite look all perty like anymore. His ERA went from 2.65 to 3.42 to 4.22 in three successive starts and culminating with yesterday's stinker against the Twins. Of course it is hard to get upset about any loss when Johan Santana is on the mound, but the the Mets are in dire need of taking a series. Oliver Perez who has been the Mets stopper year has the chance to help the Mets win their first series in six series.

Yes, their first series in six series. If they lose today, it will be six straight losing series and what is more unbelievable is the fact the Mets are still 1.5 games in front of the Braves who have failed to capitalize on the Mets horrendous play of late. The Phillies made up some ground, but not all that much. That cannot exactly make them feel great about their current standing in the baseball universe, but it's about time the Mets put some lipstick on this pig actually win a series.

What concerns me is this continual downard spiral of the bullpen. The Mets box score had these numbers appear next to their pitching: 4.05, 5.26, 6.00, and 6.04. I know Mota is still working his way back into shape, but to be successful, they need to have these guys pitch better and the Mets need more 3's next to some names. Of course if you cannot hit it is a moot point, but that seems like something that just has to come around because of the depth of this lineup.

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  • I have no idea why, but this is my new favorite thing to watch over...and over...and over...and over...and over.

    I am infatuated with Joe Morgan. Really, really infatuated.

    John Brookfield, WI: Do you believe the brewers will contend through the allstar break and if so what position do you see them seeking at the deadline?

    SportsNation Joe Morgan: I think they will contend. They are as good as anyone in that division. They need to get back to playing consistent baseball. They do need some starting pitching, but I am not sure what they would be willing to give up for that. But they will stay in the race throughout the season.

    Ever hear of Yovani Gollardo? That rotation is shaping up nicely and Bush is throwing better as well. Their starting pitching surely will not be the problem.

  • MMMMMMM...take a look at the pics.

  • Pedro news:

    Pedro Martínez, who is recovering from surgery on his right rotator cuff, threw 55 pitches Tuesday in Port St. Lucie, Fla., in the fifth outing of his rehabilitation. The Mets are hoping that Martínez can return to the roster in August.

  • Again...do people get paid for this stuff?

    Any deal, though, would likely have to involve top New York prospect Lastings Milledge, an outfielder, and at least one top pitching prospect such as Mike Pelfrey or Philip Humber -- a price that might be too steep for the Mets.

    The Mets are still a top five ERA team despite their spiraling of late. I would love to add another solid starter and I would even consider moving Milledge to do it provide there is a legitimate chance the guy can be signed for '08. However, Lastings and Pelfrey/Humber for a possible 1/2 year rental? Simply nuts. Frankly just Lastings would be overpaying. Let us not forgot the bullpen is more of the problem here.

  • Dwight Gooden was sick. Just sick.

  • Injury updates from NJ.com

    Outfielder Lastings Milledge is swinging a bat and running as he recovers from a broken foot. ... Pitcher Dave Williams (back surgery) is on track for a rehab start next week. ... Outfielder Moises Alou (left quad) is in the midst of a 10-14 day holding pattern on the advice of Dr. David Altchek, after which Alou will be reevaluated for clearance to begin rehabilitation in Florida.

    Lasings!!! Let's go baby. Get back so we can see what you got.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I told you Alou comes back on August 21st! At which point the Mets will have been using Ruben Gotay in left field for a few weeks after trading Lastings Milledge, Carlos Gomez, Phil Humber AND Mike Pelfrey for Mark Buerhle's lame ass half year of pitching. I mean that's a fair deal, right? I mean, the Mets pitching is just spiraling out of control!!!!

    Seriously, I expect that Sosa is not this bad as I had expected that he was not as good to begin with. Frankly, I had essentially written last night's game off anyway.

    Mota retires six and Big Joe Smith knocks out three in a row afterwards. Nice.

    Mets signed Keith Hernandez's nephew, a first baseman! There's a 6'4" 260 lbs. catcher from Australia (Patrick Maat) on the Mets GCL roster! He's only 19 yrs old. Plus the Mets seem to have demoted half their Savannah pitching staff to Brooklyn.

    5:29 AM

    Blogger Scott Danzig said...

    The Phillies haven't made up that much ground? Please elaborate on that. As it stands now, I'm just as worried about them as I am about the Braves.

    10:21 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Jorge Sosa was just unlucky with alot of those hits. I don't remember one hard hit ball. Oh well, it happens.

    Joe Morgan doesn't do research for anything, are we surprised?

    I wish I can find something as cool, interesting, and special as a snake head in my food.

    Oliver Perez will come in, dominate, take the series, and make us happy.

    I'm not worried about the Phillies, they're just not that good to be worried about anyway. THier bullpen sucks ass, they have about 2 shitty rookies in the rotation. Every time thier offense hits and gives them a lead, thier whack ass pitching gives it all away, they're just not good enough to keep up.

    12:20 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Another Australian catcher? Maybe they can move him really slowly as he exhibits a great eye at the plate and then banish him to the Royals never to be seen again.

    Scott…they are two games back and have made up 6.5 since June 1st. I stand corrected. You’ll have to excuse me since I’ve been having an allergic reaction to baseball of late and have been more interested in smelling the underwear on my floor to see if it’s dirty than watching baseball. Seriously, there isn’t much worth watching these days. However, I am excited about going to see the A’s come into town this weekend (though that is more an excitement to tailgating and chilling out rather than watching the Mets bumble along).

    12:23 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Well Benny, Sosa may not have been hit hard (I was playing basketball and didn’t watch the game), but his ERA had not been 100% reflective of his stats. A 4.05 ERA is more reflective of his actual performance regardless of a night not not-so hard hit balls. This DIPS ERA is 4.40 which means he is pretty much where he is supposed to be.

    I would have eaten that snake head. I’m not sure I actually go through my food enough, but I’m going to start. Scary stuff.

    RE: Phillies…they are also a streaky team…but I guess we can be called a streaky team as well.

    12:30 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mr Met were U out trying to recruit Kobe to the Knicks?
    DG if the baseball help in the coaching staff are watching then Gotay needs PT at 2nd, with Easley in LF.

    The thing I wanted to note was Mota/Smith gave 3.0 IP of scoreless relief. Sele's line says 2R/1ER...please asterix as he has be unable to STOP an inherited runner from scoring. Humber what's your phone #.

    3:33 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Dontrelle left his start last night with forearm tightness. No Gomez for him! (Not that they were sending him CG anyway.)

    4:43 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Nah...corporate function. I was busy owning people on the court. It was pretty cool though. I played BBall at MSG and touch the rich. You kind of forgot where you were playing once the game started and you just played. I wonder if that's how the players feel with 25,000 people yelling factored in...

    DG if the baseball help in the coaching staff are watching then Gotay needs PT at 2nd, with Easley in LF.

    I've written about Gotay needing more playing time for a few reasons, but that won't happen. He has two vets to to play in front of him and we all know Willie's allergy to young players.

    Humber to the pen makes little sense day by day for me. I would be more for it if he was producing, but he needs to get back on track. PCL or not, he should be dominating.

    That being said, wasn't it you who said Vargas, Humber, and Lawrence were basically interchangeable numbers wise? Then if that's the case, don't rush the kid. Being Vargas not having a future as as starter for this team, get him in the pen first.

    4:44 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Dontrelle left his start last night with forearm tightness. No Gomez for him! (Not that they were sending him CG anyway.)

    No nothing for him!

    4:51 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mr M:
    Tag I'm it. Yes I think vargas should replace Sho, and Humber replace Sele.

    My Logic is given the competition a. Humber is no more a liability than Sele.
    b. Humber leads NOLA in innings yet this is his first(really 2nd) full season after major surgery, c. he is on the 40man roster, and
    d. He dominated in his ML preview in relief- maybe he sparks the pen- differently from Sho.

    Bottomline he cant do any worse than the present suspects: Plus Mulvey and Niese are presenting a strong case for promotion.

    5:34 PM


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