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Friday, May 14, 2004

Addition by Subtraction

After what I would call a defining victory taking the final two in Arizona against Webb and Johnson, the Mets head to Houston. Down in Houston, they will continue to face tough pitching. We'll see how it goes, but with BP Baldwin taking the mound on Saturday, it could get late early. If they can come out of this series taking 4 of 7 from Arizona and Houston, that could become a catalyst for some positive things in the future with 3 win-able series coming up.

If Leiter cannot start on Sunday, it will be interesting to see who they bring up. The rumors are Ginter, which I would kind of be interested to see how it works out. The former 1st rounder has not lived up to expectations in Chicago, but does have plus stuff and has major league experience. Hopefully the Mets can get lucky for once and have some transaction work out in our favor.

So, with Pettite and Clemens taking the hill, there will be many ex-Yankee players in Houston. Weathers, Stanton, Garcia, Spencer, Clemens, and Pettite. Too many in my opinion. We'll see if our ex-Yankees can out perform their ex-Yankees.

Addition by Subtraction. That is the phrase of the week. Hopefully the Mets brass will follow the releasing of Ricky Guitierrez up the release of more retreads. Why have they put Erikson on the 60 day DL? Just release him already. Baldwin has a career ERA over 5! That does not seem to be a trend ending anytime soon. Release him. Gerald Williams? Prentice Redman at AA, and doing well. He also did well there a few years ago. He has NOTHING Left to prove. He should be developing at AAA as he needs to face some better competition to further himself. He's about 24, and Williams is well over 30. What point does it serve to have him on the team? Wilson Delgado, cut him!!! No need for him. He is Ricky Guitierrez part II. They actually demoted Chris Basak from AAA to AA (he's back at AAA to cover Danny Garcia's 2b spot) to make room for Delgado. I do realize that there are such things as organizational players, but these are not them.