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Wednesday, September 01, 2004


I think the big story of the day is obviously the Yankees suffering their worst defeat in their storied history. UNREAL!!! A 22-0 thrashing by the Indians. The Indians got 22 hits and 22 runs while the Yankees got only five hits against Yankee product Jake Westbrook. Javier Vazquez went 1 1/3 innings giving up six earned runs and now owns a bloated 4.62 ERA. Who do they Yankees trust in the playoffs? Their pitching will be their downfall. I've said it and I'll say it again, how does a team spend nearly $200,000,000 and have weak starting pitching and three good relievers, two of which are clearly tailing off and not as strong as they were earlier in the year.

On top of it, the footsteps are getting louder. Behind another win by Curt Schilling, the BoSox are now only 3.5 games back and are the majors hottest team. If Boston does take over first, Anaheim it very hot and six games behind the Yankees and the pinstripers will have to worry about the Wild Card. Things are getting interesting in the AL and all this after the Yankees were supposed to be in cruise control. I'm not impressed with one of the most over rated lineups in the history of the game. The Yankees have assembled the most overpaid team in the organized sports. Since my horrible sporting life is centered around the Mets, I have to look towards something positive happening this year and that is Boston taking the AL East crown.

That one is nice, but so it this one:

Click here if you need to see it LARGER.

I cannot believe my season has been reduced to this!!!

* * *

  • How's that contract extension look now? Tracshel lost another game and did not look good doing it. He walked seven people and gave up five runs. He is now 10-12 and has a 4.09 ERA. Wouldn't Clement for an extra 3 mill and five years younger look a lot nicer in 2005? Just another item in a long list of complaints that I have with this team.

    The Mets only mustered six hits in last night's game and Delgado and Garcia had four of them. The Mets live and die by the homerun. If they do not hit any, they do not score. Unfortunately, they do not hit that many of them and do not have the ability to survive like that hence losing 9 of 10. Vance Wilson is hurting and nothing really will amaze me anymore. This is becoming a comedy. If you were a free agent, would you come to Queens and sign a contract? I do not think so.

  • Scott Hyde got his fourth win on Monday as he went seven innings, walked no one, struck out eight, and gave up only one earned run. He is 4-3 with a 3.32 ERA for the Cyclones this year and is a definite bright spot of this year's draft.

  • From the Post:

    OF Victor Diaz, hitting .290 with 24 homers at Norfolk, is unlikely to be recalled as the Mets have no room in the outfield.

    Umm, who cares? Floyd sits a lot and Cameron is still 'not playable'. Move Hidalgo to center and use him Vicky D. (aka mini-Manny) in right. Shit, use him as a pinch hitter. Try and see what he can do. If that actually happens, I may lose it yet again. Gerald "Ice" Williams is getting plenty of playing time, but there is not enough room for Diaz? Looks like there is plenty of room to me.

  • Newsday thinks Howe could be the fall guy. Howe is horrible and SHOULD be the fall guy. I have never seen a more poorly managed team. Injuries or not, he lost a bunch of games by primarily mis-using the bullpen and having no sense when it comes to substitutions. Mr. Match-up needs to go.

    Art Howe on his contract:
    "I signed a four-year contract because I knew this would be a process and I knew we wouldn't turn it around overnight. I thought it was understood that two years would not be long enough."

    He sure has not helped one bit and has actually made the team look worse. If you give him another two years, it will not change anything. Really, it won't. I understand no one can win the lineup that the Mets are throwing out there, but even when he had a more complete team, he has behaved like a bumbling idiot.

  • Quote of the week:

    Steve Trachsel, an Orange County native, says "I'm still a Republican, but both sides make me sick" and wonders whether "smart Democrat" is an oxymoron.

  • The new Baseball America Prospect Hot Sheet is in and..........Yusmeiro Petit is almost as hot as they come. Petit has climbed to #2.

    Is he beginning to move into elite prospect status? With 10 strikeouts in his Double-A debut at the age of 19 and 194 strikeouts overall in 134 innings, the answer is yes.

    I think Lastings got shafted because not many are hotter than him, but he made it as an honorable mention. For me, if Young is #1, Milledge should be in the top 20. Don't believe me? Just check out The Raindrops.

  • Rick Ankiel may make the playoff roster for the Cardinals.


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