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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Young Guns

Victor Diaz went 2 for 2 with a three run homerun in the ninth inning off of Latroy Hawkins in the Mets extra inning 4-3 win over the Cubbies. What else do you need to say? It was just a great game by Victor. The homer was an opposite field shot which is where all of his hits seem to go. I used to think the uses the field really well, but maybe he cannot catch up on major league fastballs. I still think it is the former though. He only has one more hit than he does strikeouts, but he'll get better. He is a high strikeout guy and he will go down about 150 times a year, but I like the way he plays with confidence. When he hit the homerun, he had his homerun trot and no matter what he does, he does not look timid.

"I'm ruining their chances, but I'm getting my chance to show what I can do in the big leagues," Diaz said. "[The Cubs] had their chance to draft me, but they let me ride."

"I didn't get lucky," Diaz said. "I've been getting good wood on the ball."

"I maybe get overlooked because of changing positions," Diaz said. "My bat talks for me."

He sure feels like he belongs here and he does not sound like he wants to go back to AAA. He definitely looks like a keeper and not just some September call up spare.

Brazell capped the day off for Met rookies by hitting the game winning homerun in the 11th inning. It was his first major league homerun and he got the old shaving cream in the face bit to boot.

"It's something you dream about as a kid," Brazell said.

Saturday was a refreshing day of baseball for me. I'm sick of the over the hill product that has been on the field for the Mets for the last fifteen years or so, it is good to see some youth injecting life into this listless team.

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  • Newsday speculates that Lastings Milledge could be bait for getting the D-Rays to give up Pinella. No way. Skip Pinella hold on to your prospects. This team is not a playoff team in 2005 no matter who coaches for them, why give up players that could be part of the future?

  • This is a classic quote from Pedro Martinez:

    "What can I say? I just tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy."


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