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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Just Say No to Yes!

According to NYFansites, the Mets deal for their new network seems to be done deal. The Mets have followed suit from their cross town rivals and have taken the steps to develop their own TV network. The despicable and deplorable YES network truly paved the way for this new Mets network despite spewing out Yankee propaganda 24 hours a day. How many times can one watch film of Derek Jeter and Paul O'Neil? I don't know, but what I do know that this is a great thing for our Metropolitans.

Time Warner Cable and Comcast Corp. said Tuesday they have agreed to form a New York regional sports network that will broadcast the majority of New York Mets baseball games beginning in the spring of 2006.

The channel will carry 125 regular season games as well as pre-season games. The great part about this is that they will most likely carry Mets affiliate games and we should certainly see some Binghamton, Norfolk, and Brooklyn games at least, if not a taste from all teams at all levels. The news comes out just in time for the Mets to pursue free agents this year and Wilpon has no excuses for not trying to bring in some top tier free agents. With the Mets only being committed to about $68,000,000 after this season ends, they will have plenty of cash to upgrade their team without laying themselves out too thin. Hopefully Wilpon will spend some greenbacks and push the threshold of whatever payroll limitations he has due to the fact of boat loads of cash he should receive in 2006 from the Mets Network. The other tremendous upside from this could be a new stadium for the Mets. This could generate enough money that could get the Mets' wishes of a new stadium and Mayer Bloomberg's insistence that the stadium be completely privately financed.

My only problem is I have to hope and pray that Comcast comes into my area of North Jersey. I have Cablevision today and I have no idea what kind of deal, if any they will work out. I would assume they would carry the channel as it is beneficial to them, but I'm sure there is going to be plenty of bad blood since the Mets are leaving MSG and Fox Sports. After they leave, Cablevision's MSG Network and Fox Sports New York will be just about worthless rendering it impossible for the Dolan's to get any money from networks carrying the channels.


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