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Friday, December 24, 2004

Some Christmas Optimism

Since it is Christmas, I figured there is no better time to exhibit some optimism with the Mets. I'm sick of all the Met bashers out there and the extremely negative view of this franchise. Yeah, yeah, the last three years were a disaster no doubt, and how the Mets have become a laughing stock. However, they finished in 1st or 2nd place 11 out of the last 21 years. They finished 3rd or above 14 out of the last 21 year while winning a World Series in 1986 and being in one as recently as 2000. Unfortunately the Braves have been a juggernaut for a decade and have blocked the Mets on a number of occasions from the postseason. People love to laugh at the Mets, but there is no doubt that they are looking better and seem to have a new philosophy than the one they started to have in the early 90's which got them nowhere. There is a focus to work on the farm system, increase scouting, not skimping out on the coaching, revamped the front office, and not trying to get lucky with free agent signings and pursuing the best of the best. With their resources and young players making a impact now and plenty more in the farm system if they can manage to hold on to them, I would think a lot of MLB teams wouldn't mind switching places.

1984 90 72 .556 2nd
1985 98 64 .605 2nd
1986 108 54 .667 1st World Champs
1987 92 70 .568 2nd
1988 100 60 .625 1st NL East Champs
1989 87 75 .537 2nd
1990 91 71 .562 2nd
1991 77 84 .478 5th
1992 72 90 .444 5th
1993 59 103 .364 7th
1994 55 58 .487 3rd
1995 69 75 .479 2(T)
1996 71 91 .438 4th
1997 88 74 .543 3rd
1998 88 74 .543 2nd
1999 97 66 .595 2nd NL Wildcard
2000 94 68 .580 2nd NL Champs
2001 82 80 .506 3rd
2002 75 86 .466 5th
2003 66 95 .410 5th
2004 71 91 .438 4th

1659 wins 1510 losses 0.519

The Yankmees finished 1st or 2nd in 14 of the last 21 years (three more than the Mets) and finished no lower than 3rd in 15 of the last 20 years (one more than the Mets). Granted the postseason are 10-4 in favor of the Yankees with a 4-1 lead in WS championships, but not many people have 4 WS or 10 straight post season appearances in the last twenty one years. Over the last twenty years they also have exactly 130 more wins, that is an average of 6.2 wins a year. Most of the difference has been made up in the last three years where the Yankees added an astounding 93 more wins than our lowly Mets. So from 1984 to 2001 the Yankees only outperformed the Mets by 37 wins or 2 wins per year. With a farm system more barren than the Mojave Desert and no regular position players under 30 as of right now, the Spanks days are numbered. The 80's are coming back again. And I know what Yankee fans will say, we'll just buy the players we need like always but that isn't how you won 4 championships you did it with a half home-grown team. Eventually the Yankees are going to have too many extremely over paid players making unworldly amounts of money and getting vastly overpaid like Bernie Williams.

1984 87 75 0.537 3
1985 97 64 0.602 2
1986 90 72 0.556 2
1987 89 73 0.549 4
1988 85 76 0.528 5
1989 74 87 0.46 5
1990 67 95 0.414 7
1991 71 91 0.438 5
1992 76 86 0.469 4
1993 88 74 0.543 2
1994 70 43 0.619 1
1995 79 65 0.549 2 AL WCARD
1996 92 70 0.568 1 WS CH
1997 96 66 0.593 2 AL WCARD
1998 114 48 0.704 1 WS CH
1999 98 64 0.605 1 WS CH
2000 87 74 0.54 1 WS CH
2001 95 65 0.594 1 AL Pennant
2002 103 58 0.64 1 AL East Champs
2003 101 61 0.623 1 AL Pennant
2004 101 61 0.623 1st AL East Champs

1860 wins 1468 losses 0.559

What is my point? My point is the Mets were actually a very successful franchise spanning the mid 80's through 2001. They did some real big damage in 2002, 2003, and 2004 and their name has become synonymous with the words inept and incompetent. It is astounding how much negativity has been tied to this franchise that was actually pretty successful over a 20 year span and posted a .533 winning % from '84 to '01. The Mets are in dire need of some stability and some winning years fast. They need a PR overhaul badly to counteract the damage done. The Mets were not being outperformed by wins and losses much from 1984 to 2001, but the Yankees did put them to shame with post season performances, but no one has done what the Yankees have done in terms of reaching the post season outside of the Braves. To compare anyone with the Yankees post season performances is just silly, they are in their own league when it comes to that and spending money. The Mets can get good again, although sometimes it does not seem that way and they have the resources to build a sustained winner. Minaya has shared his vision with the Mets fans and if he sticks to it and makes a few good moves and has some luck on his side, it may happen sooner than later. Despite moving Kazmir, Peterson, and Huber they still have a solid foundation in the minors with two future cornerstones of the franchise on the left side of the infield and future masher for a corner outfield spot in 2006. I'm optimistic this turnaround can happen soon and will happen with plenty of homegrown talent to boot. The Mets can make themselves more relevant in New York City and hopefully Omar can take some steps to bringing back some credibility and some life back to Shea in 2005.

* * *

  • Gerald Williams is back again.

    The Mets also signed minor-league deals with righty pitchers Juan Padilla, Grant Roberts and Scott Strickland; catchers Ramon Castro and Andy Dominique; infielder Marlon Anderson; infielder-outfielder Luis Garcia; and outfielders Kerry Robinson and Gerald Williams.


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