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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Trade Scenario

The East Valley Tribune reported that the Athletics are interested in Mike Cameron and may be willing to part with Eric Byrnes. Add to that mix that Mike Cameron may not want to move to right field after all. So, with all the events that had transpired in the past few days, one would assume that Omar is at least willing to listen to offers for Cameron. I do believe he is great person to have a on the team and he is more marketable and valuable than Cliff Floyd. I also think Omar at least owes him the respect to find out if he wants to have a shot at playing center elsewhere if the move makes sense for the Mets. Also, if the Mets somehow landed Delgado, then Cameron may be slated to bat 8th. With his high strikeout total, it just may be a wrong fit altogether and may devalue his offensive contribution and push his strikeouts higher. The Mets can keep their outfield as is and I will not complain, but I propose this trade. I read this elsewhere yesterday as well, but I already had the post coming. So for a lack of having another post ready, here it goes.

Mike Cameron and Aaron Heilman for Eric Byrnes and Octavio Dotel.

I threw in Heilman as a guy who they can potentially use should one of their new young guns need some more time in the minors and because I would rather not see his face again. The reality of it is that the A's plan to start three rookies. Chances are that one or more is going to falter will need more time at AAA. Personally, I like Cameron a lot. I believe that he is great guy in the clubhouse who can help in many ways and is an asset to any team. However, you are not losing that much in terms of offense and Byrnes can still steal a base or two while giving you good defense as well. In the mix you will also add Octavio Dotel who would be a devastating set up man for Braden Looper and give you a great alternative option should Looper go down with an injury or falter. Dotel is the main piece in the deal, but the Mets also lose Cameron's $14 million over the next two seasons which is a good thing. They Mets pick up a guy who will make $4 million to $5 million this year in Dotel and Eric Byrnes who costs less than a million dollars while opening a spot for Victor Diaz in 2006 for full time service.

Why would Beane want him when they have Kotsay? Easy. With three rookies starting he wants the best defense possible. He pushed hard for him before the 2004 season and valued him as a run saver. He would love to have him back in the mix.

It is a tough call, but it is one that I would have to pull the trigger on to bring in one of the best set up men around while not taking a huge step down from Cameron in terms of offense. You cannot compare their defense, but Byrnes is no slouch and due to his small salary, he's easy to move at the end of the season and fits in much nicer into the 8th spot of the order better than Cameron if they get one more big bat. Also due to his small salary, if the Mets should choose to add some more firepower during the season in bringing up Victor Diaz, he'd be great off the bench and will not cost much sitting there.

* * *

  • As was pointed out in the comments last night, Rotoworld.com has put up Beltran's contract information.

    Beltran's deal calls for an $11 million signing bonus -- $7 million this year and $2 million in each of the following two seasons. He gets a $10 million salary this year, $12 million in each of the following two seasons and $18.5 million in each of the final four years of the deal. A total of $20 million in the contract will be deferred. A full no-trade clause is included.

  • Phil Humber looks like a bargain at this point. He got his major league contract and the Mets did not have to spend too much in my opinion. He signed for $3 million bonus. Humber’s contract is a five-year major league deal with a $5.116 maximum value, with $4.2 million guaranteed. What you can say about a guy that has his own day name after him? There is a "Philip Humber Day" in Carthage, Texas. On top of having the "best curveball in the country" and his own day, he turned down a chance to sign with the Yankees in 2001 after they drafted him in the first round and he is now with good guys. The sweet irony.

    "I'm excited I'm officially a Met today," said Humber. "I can't wait to get to spring training and start playing baseball. I don't want to set any time tables, but it's my goal to be back at Shea soon and be part of a championship team."

  • Luckily Leiter and Franco or gone or else Lastings days might be numbered.

    "I can play any outfield position," Milledge said. "Of course, I have my preference. But center field is my bread and butter. I just want to be the best and do what I do. If I have to move to right field, it will take time, but I will be the best at that position, too."

    We cannot have cocky kids running around the Mets organization, there just is no room for that stuff.

    He won't be invited to big league camp next month and that's OK. But it's still nice to think about the possibilities.

    "Of course, I think I'm ready for it, it's just a matter of when they put me there," he said. "It's just a matter of what they want me to do. Within myself, I know what I'm ready for."

  • BP Baldwin is back in the bigs...well maybe.

    Baltimore signed right-hander James Baldwin, 33, to a minor-league contract. He was with the Mets last year. Baldwin pitched for the Mariners in 2002.

    That does not exactly help their pitching woes.

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