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Monday, March 28, 2005

Metsgeek.com Is The New Black

I've heard that brown is the new black, pink is the new black, black is the new black, and I've even heard that Mr. Metrosexual, Alex Rodriguez was the new black. Nope, all wrong. Metsgeek.com is the new black.

I'll be writing in both places with the editorial/analysis pieces up at Metsgeek.com and I'll still be here posting as well. Here is a little conversation I had with my friend when discussing the new site:

Mike: Yo, the new site launches on Monday. I've been writing a bunch of shit for it and it is pretty damn good. I'm pumped.
Webb: Is that why your site has sucked?

I think that pretty much sums the everything up.

* * *

  • Classy stuff.

    The Americans pressured much more at the start of the first half, and Eddie Lewis scored in the 59th minute off a feed from Landon Donovan. Some Mexican fans responded by chanting "Osama! Osama!"

    Is it not enough that they have owned the USA team in Mexico with a record of 0-22-1? How about some humility? A little bit of Modelo and a lot of Tequila leads to crazy Mexicans cheering for terrorists.

    Anyway, 100,000+ fans were in attendance at the game. After it ended, they all climbed into one pickup truck and drove home.

  • The Mets beat up on the Nationals behind the pitching of relievers on the bubble. The best part of the entire game was Cliffy. He is tearing up pitching and is running for once in a way that not making Met fans cringe. Floyd looks fluid and fast. Twenty stolen bases does not sound so out of the question the way he looks now and the way he is gliding around the bases. I think there will be a few teams at the end of the year that will be wishing that had taken Floyd off the Mets' hands when they had the chance.

    It seems right now that the Mets languishing in the mid to high 600's in total runs could be a thing of the past. This offense looks like it could have some nice chemistry this year.

    The last time they topped 700 runs was in 2000 and I expect them to do it this year again.

  • Kevin Czerwinski tries to add some clarity to the bullpen situation. Scott Stewart, Scott Strickland, and Orber Moreno were reassigned and Strickland is free to walk if he so chooses.

    "The bullpen you leave with on April 1 is notoriously not the same bullpen you have on May 1. So maybe there might be some way we can push the out back later in April. But who is to say the Milwaukee Brewers won't call tomorrow and say, 'We want to put you in the 'pen or have you compete for a spot'? I just don't know. This is my free agent year, and I have to be on the mound if I'm healthy."

    Tough decision for the Mets. You hate to lose him because you know how good he was, but they do not seem to think he is 100% ready and maybe do not think he will ever regain his mid 90's fastball.

  • The Rays may use their surplus of relievers to bolster their team. They are still in need of some bats.

    Ongoing trade talks could affect the look of the staff. It might mean parting with LHP Trever Miller, RHP Jesus Colome, RHP Jorge Sosa, RHP Travis Harper, RHP Lance Carter or even closer Danys Baez to acquire the hitter the Rays need.

    Am I too crazy in thinking Jesus Colome could be netted for Eric Valent?

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