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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Questions, Questions, Questions

Which possibly problematic area is the single biggest key to the Mets success this season?

1) Table Setters: Any good offense needs one thing. That is players on base for the meat of the order. If the top guys are not getting on, there will not be many runs scored.

2) Cliffy's Health: When he's good, he's really good. He can be a menacing left handed power hitter with a quick bat. He gets the bat through the zone in a hurry and could knock out 30 if he is healthy and could be the lynchpin for the team’s production.

3) Bullpen: The bullpen was not bad last year. Not only was it not bad, but it was actually good. They lost some components and added some others, but really are not that much different in terms of overall skill than last year.

4) Rotation Health: Will Pedro's 90% torn labrum make it through the year? Like when everyone holds their breath when Reyes runs, people will be holding their breath when Zambrano throws. Every slider, people will be cringing. Will he be able to justify the Kazmir trade? Will Benson be able to top 200 innings two years in a row?

5) Piazza, Protector, Producer, Husband: Will Mikey be able to give the Beltran the protection he needs and will he be able to score a guy who will be on base plenty of times and should walk about 100 times?

6) Experience: Will Randolph be a hindrance to the team? Is his lack of National League coaching experience an issue?

7) Reyes' Health: If Reyes goes down again, how will it impact the team. Will the gaping hole left by him should he go down stunt the team's ability to be productive?

8) Other?

My choice is #1. I think that will be the single most important thing for the team this season. Their rotation will be there and their bullpen will be there like they have been the last few years. The missing link is the Mets silent bats.

* * *

  • Cammy likes what he sees and he wants to stay.

    "He's now told them, 'If you're trying because of me, you don't have to try anymore,'" Nicotera said last night. "We informed them that he wants to stay. He's had enough time to digest the change and get a feel about the team. He wants to stay in New York."

    Good to have you aboard. Despite the fact you probably will not hit 30 homers again, you'll be the best right fielder since Darryl. Sure Richard had a nice run, but he was feast or famine and completely non-existent after his hot, hot start.

  • It's a European Carry-All!

    The new center fielder of the Mets carries a purse. There, we said it.

    It's a Louis Vuitton monogram men's leather satchel, to be exact. Beltran keeps his cell phone, wallet and keys in it.

    In the testosterone-fueled atmosphere of a baseball clubhouse, it's not the easiest look to pull off. But Beltran looks downright cool when he walks in carrying his purse ... uh, satchel.

    He even has a matching detachable cell phone pouch!

    The Mets best player carries a purse, you got a problem with that?

  • Subpoena for you. Subpoena for you. Hell, subpoena’s for everyone!

    Former Oakland Athletics sluggers Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire and Jason Giambi were among seven current and former baseball stars that a congressional committee plans to subpoena as soon as Wednesday to testify about steroids.

    Curt Schilling, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro and Frank Thomas also were asked last week to testify. Thus far, only Canseco and Thomas have said they were willing to appear.

    Oh baby. Canseco has the stage of all stages and there is no reason to think he will be shy about telling all and then some. But my thing is this, the MLBPA really dropped the ball on the testing and did a lot of damage. They are no where they should be yet, but are taking steps to get there. The government should not be involved at this point. They flexed some muscles with threats of intervention and that got the ball rolling. However, the system needs time to prove it's worthiness or unworthiness. Give it time. Give it at least a season.

  • Tasteless, tasteless Yankee fans. Boo-ing Giambi? He did something wrong, but at least he told the truth. Besides, how can you boo Giambi and not boo Sheffield?

  • Ah, a topic near and dear to my heart. Giving Mark Teixiera a long term deal. Not the Rangers giving it to him, but the Mets and their newfound working relationship with Scott Boras. In 2001 he was drafted and signed a four year, $9.5 million Major League contract which should be expiring after the 2005 season.

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