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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


At such an important stretch of the year, the Mets decided to get two wins out of their last nine games and pitchers cannot give up more than two runs if they expect to win a game. In response to that, The Metropolitans is going to ignore that underperforming group and their forgettable game for some pictures that Benny pointed out that were posted on the NYFansites messageboards. See what bored Mets fans and Photoshop can churn out?

* * *

  • "This place is like Death Valley for us." -- Mike Piazza, in September 1999, describing the Mets' play in Turner Field

    As pointed out from yesterday's broadcast, the Mets only have four wins in September and October against the Braves at Turners Field. Ugly.

    The Braves are 49-20 against the Mets at Turner Field, including 20-4 in September and October.

  • The Mets' .593 winning percentage in August was tied for second in the National League. The Cardinals' .632 mark led the league

  • So many wasted chances in yesterday's game, but else is new? Is it just me, or does Willie seems to guess wrong more times than he guesses right?

  • Minor update:
    • Richmond beat Norfolk 3-2. Angel Pagan went 1 for 4 with an RBI, Eric Valent went 2 for 3 with a run scored and a walk, and Chase Lambin went 2 for 3 with a run scored, a double, and an RBI. Jose Santiago got the start and went six innings allowing seven hits, two earned runs, one walk, and he struck out four.
    • Binghamton beat New Britain 5-0. David Bacani went 2 for 5 with a double and an RBI, Aarom Baldiris went 1 for 2 with a run scored, a double, and two walks, Bobby Malek went 2 for 4 with a run scored and a double, Corey Ragsdale went 1 for 2 with a run scored, a walk, and his ninth homer in AA, which was his nineteenth homer overall, and Yunir Garcia went 1 for 3 with a walk and two RBIs. Timothy McNab got the start and went six innings giving up two hits, no earned runs, a walk, and struck out four en route to his second win on the year.
    • Hagerstown beat Lexington 7-2. Carlos Gomez went 1 for 2 with a run scored and a walk, Ambiorix Concepcion went 3 for 4 with a run scored and an RBI, Grant Psomas went 1 for 2, Matt Bacon went 1 for 4 with a run scored and two RBIs, and Matthew Fisher went 1 for 2 with two runs scored, a triple, two walks, and an RBI.
    • Brooklyn beat Aberdeen 7-2. Caleb Stewart started off on fire for the Cyclones after getting demoted from St. Lucie where he was holding his own only to go into a long slump until recently. Recently, Stewart has been on fire and yesterday's game was no different as he went 2 for 5 with a run scored, a double, and two RBIs. Gregory Gonzalez went 1 for 5 with a run scored and an RBI, Joseph Holden went 1 for 4 with a run scored and a walk, Nick Evans went 1 for 4 with a run scored and a walk, Jonel Pacheco went 2 for 4 with a runs scored, an RBI, and a walk, and Drew Butera went 2 for 3 with a double, a walk, and two RBIs. Salvador Aguilar got the start and upped his record to 5-0 by going five innings, giving up three hits, no earned runs, two walks, and struck out seven.
  • Ah, this explains it.

    "When I left it was with the understanding, go down and get some work, work I wasn't getting here," he said. "My numbers were terrible. Against minor league guys I always get hammered. I fixed a couple mechanical flaws."

    Of course, why didn't we think of this before. He sucked in the minor leagues because he always gets hit hard by the young guys and he fixed some flaws that caused him to get hammered by the big guys too. He should now be able to help the Mets in their final playoff push.

  • I feel for you Cammy...

    "As soon as they tell me I can eat, I'm going to get an extra-large pizza," said Cameron, who has been limited to a diet of soft foods. "The doctors told me I could put it in a blender, but I didn't want that. I want a pizza and a six-pack of beer."

  • This is funny coming from a guy dubbed Windmill Willie.

    Manager Willie Randolph was asked about the decision to send Diaz, and he didn't exactly defend his third-base coach.

    "I've coached third base for 10 years and I don't second-guess my third-base coach," Randolph said. "It was a tough decision. I didn't tell him to tell him to go. You have to ask the guy that sent him."

  • Right fielder Bobby Malek said he's starting an off-season weight-training program to increase his power, particularly on inside pitches. Malek, a left-handed hitter, finished with 23 doubles and only four homers in 394 at-bats.

  • Pass it on.

  • Uggie will not set up for Wagner in '06.

    "I'd only do that for a few closers - Mariano Rivera, Billy, [Eric] Gagne and [Trevor] Hoffman," Urbina said. "Those four guys. No more. But it's just for this year. I miss closing."

    No Looper on that list?

  • Miguel Olivo has pretty much helped the Padres decide not to pursue Ramon Hernandez this upcoming off-season.

  • Barry Bonds is probably going to return to action today.

    "I did pretty well today," Bonds said. "When I get back on the field, I want to be playing where I left off."

  • Felix Hernandez is nasty. After throwing seven shutout innings and giving up only four hits, one walk, and struck out five, he is now 3-2 with a 1.59 ERA. Amazing.

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