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Monday, March 20, 2006

Second Chance to Do Things Right

Last off season, the Mets had an amazing off season. It is hard to imagine that they could have made it even more amazing, but they sure could have. They were very, very close to bringing in Delgado, but righted that situation earlier in this off season. The other piece that should have been added was Matt Clement instead of Kris Benson. They both got similar numbers in terms of salary, but Clement was much higher on everyone's list in terms of nastiness. Of course the Mets gave up a decent amount to get Benson, so that decision was already made pursue him, but that does not mean it was the right decision. Matt Clement is on the block. The Sox could trade David Wells, Matt Clement, or Bronson Arroyo and it looks like they are definitely trying to trade one of them. The Reds are interested in Matt Clement and the Red Sox like Wily Mo Pena, but no deal seems imminent. The Mets are about eight to nine million dollars below last year's payroll and could stand to add some cash.

While I know there are probably not a lot of people high on Clement at this point, he could be a great addition to this rotation. He has the stuff to very dominant in Queens and in this division. It certainly takes more focus off of Martinez being the lynchpin of the season in my opinion. What would they want? I have no idea, but Xavier Nady or Victor Diaz would certainly be likely to be involved to platoon with Nixon. Nady would seem like the better choice for them and the Red Sox might be interested in saving some cash while fixing this log jam. Of course an optimal rotation might be one that includes Clement and Heilman or Bannister without Zambrano in it, but the Mets are married to Zambrano in the rotation. Even if Zambrano is a lock for the rotation, Clement makes this team better and helps complete the core of the team the Mets should have had last season.

* * *

  • Iriki got blasted on Saturday during the Mets split squad games. He gave up two homers, five walks, and five earned runs in 3 2/3 innings. Also getting blasted on Saturday was Henry Owens. He gave up four earned runs in one inning. All was not horrible though. Royce Ring threw 2 1/3 innings and gave up one hit while striking out three. Lastings Milledge also led off the game with a homer.

    In the other game on Saturday, Mike Pelfrey went four innings and gave up three hits, one earned run on one homer, and struck out three.

  • Brian Bannister looked solid in five innings of work against a weak lineup giving up two hits, one earned run, and struck out three while walking none. Jorge Julio looked like...well...Jorge Julio 2003, 2004, and 2005. Unfortunately for the Mets, not the 2002 version. Hopefully he puts it together, the Mets gave up a decent starter for him. Lastings Milledge also displayed his cannon in the game throwing a strike to home from the outfield. He did not get the runner because Martinez could not hold onto the ball, but the kid just flashed his nasty arm.

  • The rumors are swirling that a Cuban player has defected. Hopefully it is Yulieski Gourriel and hopefully he is in Omar's front passenger seat while being driven down to Nicaragua.

    Here are some guys of interest from the team.

  • While I'm sure these computer models are a nice tool, they are not absolute. The only way to truly tell is play an entire season or stretches of the season with various lineups. As we all know, that is impossible. There are just too many x-factors involved for me that cannot be quantified that make the exercise useless. I defer to conventional wisdom.

  • The Nats are standing strong on Soriano moving to left field. Alfonso apparently is still marching to his own beat.

    Alfonso Soriano said yesterday he plans to decide in the next day or two how he feels about playing for the Nationals.

    "I have 24 hours or 48 hours to think about it," Soriano said.

  • Without much fanfare from this site, Al is done.

  • From the Daily News:

    Pitchers Matt Perisho, John Maine, Steve Schmoll and Henry Owens, outfielder Julio Ramirez and first baseman Juan Tejeda were sent to minor-league camp, leaving 47 players.

  • Pedro is in no rush and he shouldn't be.

    "We have plenty of starters who can do that," Martinez said. "What's the rush to see Pedro Martinez on Opening Day? It makes no sense. If I'm going to pitch on the third day, what difference does it make?"

  • Kris Benson faces the Mets tomorrow in Fort Lauderdale. I bet Benson has never wanted to win a spring game so bad.

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