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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ray Glier and Jeff Francoeur are Douchebags

Ray Glier and Jeff Francoeur? You are both bags of douche. (thanks to Brian for pointing out this annoying article)

(the picture has been brought back by semipopular demand)

There are so many irritating things going on in this article, but I'm just going to touch on a few.

We are about to see — with any luck — the reemergence of a rivalry. The Mets have been the Mess for so long it is hard to remember that, once upon a time, Braves vs. Mets actually had some juice.

Um, how about 1999 and 2000? The Mets were also in the race late in 2001 and fairly deep into 2004, though they really didn't have a shot. And who are the ones who didn't care? Met fans are rabid and treat every game like it is the World Series. The Mets were 8-1 and when they lost their second game of the season and I was pissed. A met loss affects my mood. Mets fans are on the edge of their seat every game. Braves fans do not even care if they make the playoffs.

“I bet their fans can remember 14 straight titles,” said first baseman Adam LaRoche with a sly smile.

I don't. I remember ten, not that ten is anything to sneeze at. 1994 was a sham and we all know it. I also remember them winning one World Series. You would think you might have won a few more by luck or something after going to the playoffs so many times.

The Mets are good again — that’s the claim, anyway. They are 10-2 and atop the NL East with the Braves at Shea Stadium for a three-game series.

What the fuck does that mean? That's the claim, anyway? If you cannot agree they are good, you are in fact a bad of douche as I have previously stated. If the Braves or Yankees did something that no other baseball team has done (or hasn't done since 1900...I can't remember) in taking a five game lead after twelve games, everyone would be lauding them and kissing some serious ass. The Mets? Nothing but doubt and skepticism.

The Mets have whooped the NL East’s dregs, the Marlins and Nationals, and their fans are sticking out their chests and smiling for the cameras, just like New Yorkers do when the sun peeks through the soot. The Mets sure have been playing a lot of home games, too.

Bro, would you be happier if they lost? They have been dominating teams. Shitty teams yes, but isn't that what a good team would have done? Again...you are a douchebag.

The only thing the Mets have proved is they have deeper pockets than the Braves: $101,084,963 in payroll to $90,156,876 for Atlanta.

Um...yeah. They do spend more money. However, it's not a difference of enormous proportions like the Yankees and the Mets. We are not talking about a $90,000,000, but a $10,000,000 difference. It should also be noted that the Braves spent $106,243,667 in 2003 and just about the same as the Mets in 2001 and 2002. The Braves are not exactly the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They have cash.

“8-2, the Mets are 8-2, really,” Francoeur said Sunday morning before the day’s first pitch.

Jeff, how many of these pennant winning teams were you on? Also, nice little stumble in the game yesterday. You looked really smooth.

“I’ve been on the other side,” said Braves back-up catcher Todd Pratt, who played for the Mets from 1997 to 2001. “The other side has been saying ‘This is the year’ for 14 years.”

Todd, I got a few George Washington's burning a hole in my pocket if you want to put your money where your mouth is.

Ok, maybe Francoeur is not a bag of douche or at the very least no where near Glier's level of douchebagness. However, this is just another article trying to tear down the Mets for actually having a good team this year.

* * *

  • Julio Franco lays it out like it is.

    "Of course I miss Atlanta," Franco said Monday before the opener of the first Braves-Mets series since he went to New York as a free agent. "But I'm having fun here. Different ball club, New York, great bunch of guys.... Fun is winning."

    Of course he misses Atlanta, but he's a Met and as long he doesn't incessantly talk about his old team like Willie did when he first got there things will be peachy.

  • I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Xavier Nady is going to top his homerun total of thirteen from last year. More impressively is when his homeruns have come.

    Carlos Delgado and Xavier Nady homered for the second straight day and contributed two RBI apiece as the Mets built a 4-2 lead against Jorge Sosa by the fourth inning. Delgado extended his hitting streak to a team-high 11 games. Nady's four homers have all tied the score or given the Mets a lead.

    Impressive indeed.

  • Pedro has a man-crush on Tom Glavine.

    In the clubhouse after the win, Martinez approached Glavine, who has 277 career victories. Martinez told the southpaw: "Look how hard it is for me to get 200." Then, he added: "You are special."

  • Mike Lupica has a nice article on Pedro and the Mets.

    If the Mets had lost to a wounded Braves team that had Jorge Sosa pitching, you know it would have been treated like a calamity. So you give them props for not losing it, for winning it the way good teams are supposed to win, with their ace on the mound and their cleanup man going deep and their closer closing.

    True dat..

  • Beltran is still hurting.

    "It's a little better than (Sunday), but not quite where I want to feel," Beltran said after testing the hamstring by riding a bicycle yesterday. "I don't feel disappointed because it's only been two days. It's nothing major. I want to be out there, but I've got to be smart."

    Agreed. Take your time.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I agree Ray Glier is an idiot. He had a column about George Mason not belonging in the tournament and boy was he wrong.

    1:25 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You are an ass!!!!!! I cant say anything about Ray Glier but Francoeur is NOT a douchebag. He is one of the most promising young players in the national league, definately more promising than David Wright!!!!!!!! And you really could lay off! that is not team support, you are giving mets fans a horrible reputation by posting things like this

    5:19 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What do you say about the Mets now? You have 2 comments. Nobody even reads this shit you put out. The only reason I read this is because I am Ray's son and I saw this bullshit. The Mets suck ass. And they have for a long time. So back up your words with real proof if you plan to say something.

    12:22 PM

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