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Sunday, July 15, 2007


First, it is great to see the young guys we have been clamoring for pitch in and provide a huge spark for the Mets two victories after the break. There are still concerns about the Mets hitting since they have not been able to drive guys in and a bad team has held them to five runs in their wins, but I'm sure everyone is happy the games were won.

Second, I heard Adam Rubin on the radio today and he is definitely one of my favorite writers out there in the NY area. He mentioned that is almost a good thing (you never want someone to get hurt) that Valentin got injured so Gotay could have gotten his chance. He mentioned on how Willie felt obligated to Valentin.

My question is, why would a manager who previously had nothing to do with a player that the Mets acquired last year and had little expectations for feel obligated to said player? He's 37 and the consensus was last year was not exactly the norm in terms of what his production should be at this point in his career. Reyes...Wright...Beltran....I understand the obligation, but guys like Valentin, Green, etc.? Why? That to me is just a perplexing thing. (FYI, I'm not asking for Green to be benched at this point....just using him as an example)

Ollie is going for the much needed win today. As Willie stated, with San Diego and LA on the horizon, the Mets needed to take three of four. If not for injuries, it is a good bet the Mets are not up 2-1 right now. But they are and today is a big game.

We will end with some good thoughts from Benny...

We hate Willie for the same exact reasons we LOVE guys like Lou Piniella and Bobby Cox. They want to win, they will demote and promote anybody and it doesn't matter whether or not they're rookies or long time veterans. They want the best 25 men on the field and it doesn't matter who's feelings are being hurt.


Oh and I <3 Lastings Milledge. He's a game changer! He may not be going 4-4 but his hits are counting, he's making an impact.

And at this point that's what the Mets need. Not an empty 3 for 4, but an impact 1-4. Milledge's average doesn't look pretty (small sample size people), but he has made his time here count so far.

I'm off to Shea....

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