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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Your mama says you ugly


Is there really a worse time for the Mets to shit the bed? I know I'm going out on a limb here, but this really has been a bad stretch for the Mets.

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  • Ouch....

    Fernando Martinez, of, Double-A Binghamton (Mets)

    Martinez has been hot and cold this season in Double-A, but June has been mostly chilly for the teenager. Martinez is hitting .214 with the same slugging percentage--no extra base hits so far this month.

    Well, the 18 year old playing AA managed to knock one out yesterday. I think anyone at his age doing what he is doing deserves the benefit of the doubt and doesn't belong on the not-so-hot section.

  • While Josh Hamilton might be the biggest story of '07, Rick Ankiel is not far behind.

  • It's time to move up Kevin Mulvey to AAA. While Humber struggles, Mulvey may just be rocketing up the depth charts. Of course Humber is coming back from Tommy John and might require more time, but it is what it is and he is having a tough time.



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    One of the major question marks is Carlos Delgado. He’s basically been 0 for the season which is more than a slump. You wonder if his work out regimen during the off-season was so disrupted by the surgery and/or his wife’s pregnancy that he is just not 100%. Perhaps being a new father has taken away his concentration. A poster over at Metsgeek mentioned that there is some talk that Delgado is actually 3 years older than his listed age. Maybe he is just another Roberto Alomar.

    2:41 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Lighting up Roger could really wake this team back up. I like OP in this situation. He seems to pitch better in bigger games.

    I found this link yesterday. Hilarious.

    8:52 AM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Well, Roberto never had a good season. Delgado carried this team at times. That being said, I’m concerned. He’s been bad for a bit and looks lost. I don’t think anyone thought he would be this ineffective this year.

    Kenny, great link.

    Aaron Heilman - Goldschlager...you went to the well too many times in the past, now when you take a sip, you get nauseous.

    Good addition in the comments.

    Something has to wake this team up…right? They aren’t this bad….right? I didn’t think my fantasy team was that bad either and they reeeaaaalllllyyy bad.

    9:56 AM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Although it sucks to watch the game or look at box scores and see the Mets lost, I'm still 100% confident they will do what they gotta do, take care of business, and win games.
    The Mets are losing to very good teams and they were all winnable games, except for maybe last nights.
    The past 2 weeks have been games that could have gone either way.
    And also, the Phillies just aren't that good, they won't be 2 games back for long.

    The rough stretch of top quality teams will continue but the Mets will take 2 out of 3 from the Yankers. It'll be fun!

    12:55 PM

    Blogger BookieD said...

    I think Glavine's more like a bottle of wine--if maintained and served in the correct conditions (which is usually the case), delicious. If something is off (like the ump's strike zone), you get...vinegar.

    1:28 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Oh, the Phillies aren’t good. But again, I’m not worried about them. I’m just seeing that this team might not be cream of the crop. Of course I might feel differently if they start killing people again, but I just think their bullpen is a large problem right now and the black hole know as Carlos Delgado is scaring me at this point. He’s useless.

    I will say, 2 of 3 from the red hot Yankees would certainly assuage my negative vibes.

    Good call Bookied. I’m going to be afraid to watch him on Saturday against a patient team. If he’s not getting calls, that team will light him up.

    2:27 PM

    Blogger AE said...

    seems like the mets just need to relax. their play in the field against the dodgers was awful, probably the worst of the year. they had 5 errors in the series and a bunch of plays that weren't counted as errors but were terrible plays none-the-less (i.e. sosa getting to 1st base late last night).

    personally, like mike has already said, i'm worried about delgado. the dude's head is messed up right now. i'm gonna pull a joe morgan and say "i don't know what he's thinking because i'm not him. but if i was him, i would be trying to hit the ball."

    i've been thinking that the mets might really benefit in trying to trade for adam dunn because of delgado's struggles and alou's injury. dunn has played 1st base so he could spell delgado at 1st. dunn obviously would play lf as well. is having dunn on the roster overkill if it costs a package of lastings/gomez/heilman? maybe. is having dunn and delgado in the same lineup on some nights a chance to see 6 K's? maybe. all i know is i'm intrigued by the possibilty and if the mets could swing it without giving up gomez/martinez, i'd be psyched.

    3:29 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Reyes is the motor of this team, and he has really disappointed since his hot start...his overall stats hide the fact that he's been scuffling for a while, stranding runners, stripped of the power that had him hitting doubles and triples in early April, and igniting the offense and spirit of the team. When Wright and Delgado weren't hitting, it didn't matter...Reyes, Beltran and pitching were enough to cruise into first place. Now Wright and Delgado are back on track, but the mets are losing. Reyes is the key to the season.

    3:33 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    AE, bringing in the Joe Morgan line of thinking is classic. I’m dizzy from reading it though.

    It has been well documented that Dunn would be a ½ year rental. He’s contract for ’08 is voided if he gets dealt. I would be hesitant to trade much value for him in lieu of that and I really do not think of him as a guy that can put this team over the top. Offensively, they will be fine. My bigger concern is the bullpen and he cannot help that.

    I do think you are onto something though. Instead of Dunn spelling Delgado at first, you can use Green and have Milledge and Alou play the corners some days. Whatever the case is, more production is needed out of Delgado. He’s on pace to his 26 homers and hit 100+ RBIs, but it is a very shallow 26 homers and 100+ RBIs.

    Mike, good to hear from you. Delgado back? His OBP is under .300 and he’s hitting .217 for the month! He’s still practically invisible except for the occasional homerun. I don’t really even know what can be done about him at this point. He could not have gotten this bad this fast. It just doesn’t make sense.

    RE: Reyes, he is definitely not playing the MVP ball that he was playing early on. He needs to get back on track, but Beltran needs to start hitting as well. He was driving this offense as well and he has become useless. I know. I have him on my fantasy team and he hasn’t done anything in a week.

    3:45 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Reyes is playing hurt... or at least compensating for a previous injury. He's been extremely disappointing.

    I hope this team gets swept. I'm tired of all this 'I have confidence in my team' BS. It's time for Willie to tear certain players a new asshole.


    5:01 PM

    Blogger michael o. said...

    Willie will stand by anyone, which is good and bad I guess. Sometimes you need to light a fire. Of course he may do that behind closed doors and we just do not know that, but it does not outwardly appear that he does anything but blindly follow as in the Delgado situation. Carlos has done it for x amount of years so I’m going to believe that he’ll pick it up no matter how bad he looks.

    If Reyes is hurt, he needs to get healthy. The problem is how does that happen? Give him a week off once Alou comes back?

    5:24 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    somebody please make it stop.

    Also i hate even looking at ricky ledee

    5:58 PM

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    'somebody please make it stop.'

    Somebody asked me recently if the Mets have 'hit bottom'.

    Not yet. I'll be absolutely shocked if they win the Yankees series.

    The baseball the Mets have been playing lately is ABHORRENT. I swear... if I didn't watch the Mets circa 2002-2004, i'd swear this is as bad as it could get.


    9:31 PM


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