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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

No Love

I just could not let it go by without notice. While the fight for any sort of recognition in town with the Yankees is uphill battle, let's get real here.

The NY Daily News Sports Page has the Yankees a top their headlines. Extra Painful Loss is the article about the Yankees losing 1-0. Fine. I'm used to this, a Yankee loss is bigger news than a Met victory, even if that victory happened to come in the 9th, with two outs, and off one of the better closers in recent years. However, I do take extreme offense that the next story headline is FLUKE RULES CAN'T DAMAGE FINE WEEKEND. A story about fluke fishing beats the Mets exciting come from behind victory! I usually do not let this stuff get to me, but come on. Dating back to last Wednesday, the Mets beat Randy Johnson, Brandon Webb, Roy Oswalt, Roger Clemens, and Matt Morris. The headline should be about the Mets taking 5 of 6 in 6 tough games.

Instead a flat ugly fish is deemed more important than the Mets making some noise.

In other notes:
Lastings Milledge will be reporting to the Captial City Bombers in Low A ball. This is good news, the Mets have been high on him of late and he will be pretty young in relation to the competion he will be facing. Hopefully he will live up the hype. The last outfielder we had come out of our system to make an impact in this town was Daryl Strawberry. Let us just hope he can keep out of trouble and not mess around with thirteen year old girls. He has to understand that if there is grass on the field, the ball is not necessarily in play.