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Monday, June 07, 2004

2004 Draft - First Round

The Mets made their choice, and it was Phillip Humber. Astoundingly, Rice had three pitchers in the top eight. Talk about talent on that team.

Humber is 2.27 with a 13-4 record. He pitched 115 innings, gave up 87 hits, walked 37 and struck out 154. In his last start, he was roughed up against Texas A&M for huge upset in the College World Series, but that apparently did not deter the Mets from drafting him. He was widely considered the safest pick out of all the Rice pitchers. I thought Drew would have been the pick if he slipped, but they kept their eye pitching. Verlander would have most certainly been the pick had the Tigers passed him up.

Arte Moreno has taught us he is not scared of spending dough. Angles fans have to be in love with him. He will do what it takes to win. He is a more like-able version of Steinbrenner that actually smiles. What is not to like about a guy that lowers beer prices, and gives you Vlad.

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