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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

A Mets Network?

There was an article in the Daily News about Wilpon creating his own Met network. YES set a dangerous precedent when the courts forced MSG to carry their network as part of basic cable and they now receive money from every basic cable subscriber. If the Mets create their own channel, it would most certainly have to included on basic cable as the Yankees channel already is. There is no way a court can rule that one teams network is basic cable and the other team's channel is a paid/premium channel. It would show extreme bias. This could be a huge shot in the arm for the Mets and provide additional money to their already large broadcasting revenues. Since the Mets are annually about #2 or #3 with their broadcasting revenues in relationship to the rest of league, it will just set them apart farther apart from everyone else not named the Yankees. Wilpon will have no more excuses when it comes to reeling in the big names if this ever does go down, and I really do not see why Wilpon would not move ahead with this. Afterall, the Yankees already did the heavy lifting by taking Cablevision to court and winning. In reality, all the Wilpon would need to do is just put the channel out there, and it should get carried.

The article also speaks of some non-sense that the YES Network would buy the Mets TV rights, in which case I may start following the WNBA instead of baseball. The thought of Steinbrenner owning the rights to the Metropolitan games that I would be watching makes me want to lose my breakfast.

One cool side note is that if this ever does come to fruition, there would most likely be minor league games aired as well. A luxury that would be much appreciated by this Met fan.

My friend had posed the question as to what they would call the network. He then asked if the Yankees network is called YES, then would the Mets network be called MES? As bad of a joke as it may have been, this is how Mets fans are forced to think. Sad, but true.