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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Day to Day

I am going to forget the last 3 games happened. Lost three in row to be two games under .500 and lost Floyd for a few games. He is day to day with what I hope if nothing serious. He walked off the field with a bit of smile, so I guess that means he is somewhat OK. The last two games we saw plenty of good pitching from the Met pitchers and a failure for the Met hitters to get a big hit when needed, which seems to be plaguing them somewhat this year. Trachs goes today and will hopefully continue being the best pitcher in the Majors since his first game. That is enough talk about the games of late, too depressing.

On a good note, Lastings Milledge is batting .310 for the low A-ball Bombers. He is young for that league and seems to be holding his own. He is a five tool prospect that may prove to be a big steal for the Mets. He has only played a few games between this year and last year with a wooden bat. He seems to be making the transition fine and it is good to see him put up some numbers after being out so long as well with an injury to his hand.

Jon Heyman thinks the Mets should get Ordonez if the Yanks get Beltran. Oh really? Thanks for the tremendous insight. He wrote this:

Newsday has learned that Ordoñez's contract negotiations with the White Sox recently fell apart after he rejected a five-year, $70-million bid, exactly what he originally sought. Ordoñez now is all but certain to leave.

Now I'm not sure if that is true, there is plenty of time for Chicago to add the fifth year, but I'm going to pretend that it is true for the sake of making these past few games a bit easier to take.

The Journal News has an article on the draft basically echoing what we've been reading everywhere else, but is good to see a news paper give some ink to it.

David Wright went a very Cameron-like 0 for 7 on Friday with 5 K's. No doubt one of his worst games in his life, but still was batting over .340 after that performance.

Erickson looks like he is close to returning. It has gotten to the point where I am not sorry to see another option added to the mix if he is needed. That is scary.

Off to drink beer and eat lots of food. Enjoy the weekend.