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Monday, May 24, 2004

Damn Kit Pellow

Glavine was sooooooooooo close to throwing the damn no hitter. He was down to the seven hole in the Rockies order with two outs in the eighth, when Kit Pellow doubled off the right field wall. I was really starting to believe this was going happen when it is all squashed with one swing. It is really hard to stay that upset since Glavine finished the game, throwing a one hit shutout for his first complete game in a Met uniform. Matsui set a new Met record for most leadoff home runs in a season with five, which is crazy since every single home run Matsui has hit was too leadoff the game. Kaz is batting .260 and seems to be picking up his hitting a bit and has a acceptable .337 OBP. Floyd is continuing to punish the ball and proving how much better the Mets are with him in the lineup.

Non-Met fans are probably wondering how we can be so happy with a .500 record, since that is the definition of mediocre, but we are. Only three games out with the next twelve games against Florida and Philadelphia, it should get very interesting. The Mets are up for a defining two weeks and will most likely dictate whether Duquette and Wilpon will be buyers or sellers.

And yes, the Mets are on the back pages despite a Yankee victory, it only took a brush with history to do it.

Minor Notes:
-Reyes went 0-5 and played all nine innings
-Wright went 2 for 3 with a homer continuing his torrid pace
-Victor Diaz went 3 for 5 with 2 RBIs and is seemingly heating up after a rather tepid start
-Matt Peterson got shelled for 9 runs (7 earned) and 2 innings. Despite that, his ERA is still only 3.54
-Aaron Heilman gave up for 5 runs in 7.1 innings yesterday. What is going on with him? Aaron is turning 26 this year and the Mets patience has to be wearing thin