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Friday, May 21, 2004

Stormy Weathers

Stormy weather is threatening to ruin the game I'm supposed to go tonight after Stormy Weathers, who gave up 6 runs (only 3 earned), ruined the game yesterday. In light of that, I will not focus on the negative, but only the positive. Hmmm...the relief stunk, the starting pitching stunk, the Mets only had 1 hit in the last 4 innings when they needed a run, 23 men were left on base.....Oh...here is a positive. Mike Stanton preserves his 1.000 batting average. I know there are going to be games like this, but it still sucks.

So in order to make myself feel better, I'll just make fun of someone else.

Try opening your eyes! Maybe you'll hit the ball!

For 20+ years, Mario Mendoza has been the butt of many jokes and name lives on in infamy in the form of the Mendoza Line reference. The new millennium is in need of something with a little more pizzazz, a bit more reflective of our times. Let me think, what would be better..How about Jeter Junction! Sure, why not? 38 games into the season with arguably the best baseball player in baseball batting 2 spots behind him he has magically been able to hit .194 thus far. He has managed only 10 extra base hits, has .258 OBP %, .288 SLG %, .544 OPS, 15 RBIs, and scored measly 15 runs. I can hear all the Yankee fans now, "he'll turn it on when he needs to in October" or "it doesn't matter, he knows how to win". Save it. It is my opinion that the Yankees win those last 3 world series in '98, '99, & '00 with a chimpanzee at SS. Afterall, the Yankees actually had a higher winning % with him out of the lineup last year. But who cares about facts right? Maybe I am being to harsh on him and out of touch with reality, and maybe his $18,000,000 dollar a year salary is not over-paying him, but I do not think I am. Jeter has benefited from his surrounding greatly and I believe his is an slightly above average player playing in an atmosphere that has him pegged for future 'legend' status (if it is only in the mind of Yankee fans). I am not sure if bruised ego is a reason to go on the DL, but the Jeter should look into it before he continues to tarnish his status in Yankee history. I do not find it the least bit suprising that since A-Rod has joined the team, Jeter has never been the same. Jeter's Yankees have now become A-Rod's Yankees and it is only a matter of time before SS his A-Rod's too.

Draft Update:
The good people at Baseball America are echoing concerns of Jeff Neimann's health. His elbow surgery is still showing it's effects. He still has his heater, but it is not as consitant. Registering 94-98 on some days and 91-94 the next. Questions about his build are hurting his status as he is 6-9 260. With a frame that large for a pitching there are doubts on his ability to keep healthy. With all that being said, Stephen Drew, who is the Shortstop for Florida State, (younger brother of JD Drew) has his stock rising. He is batting .338 with 12 homers and 38 RBIs and a 38-34 walk to strikeout ratio. The Tigers, Padres, and Mets are scouting Neimann and Drew (as well as Weaver & Verlander) heavily. With Neimann's stock dropping, Drew's has raised. However, JD was the probably one of the best college players in the history of the game, and I consider anything from his bloodline taking a chance. With the Mets bad luck of injuries, any Drew to put on the Mets uniform would be dangerous. Stephen Drew projects as a 2nd baseman, and the allure of having him play 2nd next to Reyes at short is appetizing. Afterall, someone as polished as Drew out of school would be ready in two years, when you know who's contract runs out. It will sure be tempting for the Mets, but I still say go for pitching. Guys like Verlander, Weaver, and Neimann aren't on the board a lot when you are picking. These guys are advanced pitchers close to major league ready. I could only hope the Mets will not be drafting 3rd for while, so they need to take advantage of that now.

**Note, there is much debate as to who the Mendoza line was named after. Was it Mario Mendoza or Minnie Mendoza? I say who cares, they both stunk.