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Sunday, May 23, 2004


The Mets played their 14th 1-run game of the season. That is over 25% of their games decided by 1-run and 21 games decided by 2 games or less, which equates to almost 50% of their games. You can say what you want about the Mets, but you cannot say their games have not been interesting. Yesterday's game was great, despite a poor pitching performance by Yates. Matsui homered, Wiggie with the 2-run game winning homer, and Looper adding some excitement by letting Burnitz get a leadoff double then striking out two of the next three batters.

Today they go for the sweep and .500. Glavine vs. Estes today should be interesting. Despite a 6.31 ERA, Estes is 2nd in the league with 6 wins. I'm feeling a big game by Glavine.

The NYPost has an article on David Wright this morning, check it out. Wright actually lives close to the Norfolk Tides and watched them growing up in the area. In the article he was questioned as to who was the best player he saw on the Tides, he responded with Rey Ordonez. That comment alone speaks volumes in regards to the level we raised our talent to in the organization. Many more impact players than we had in the past.

The NYPost also has an article about our pitching. While it overall has been good, the depth has not been what it originally was thought to be. With Roberts, Baldwin, Erickson, Yates, Seo, Heilmann, and Grifiths, it was to be believed we would not have any 4th or 5th starter problems. Think again.

Jose Reyes went three for five in his 2nd rehab start on this go around of rehab starts. I am pretending that it did not happen as I do not want to get overly optimistic that he actually is coming back. I will believe it when he is actually in the lineup.

Someone needs to step up from the starting rotation and go seven or eight innings. We are going to have no arms left in the bullpen by the end of the year. They are all going to be dead if they keep it up at this rate. Duquette should look at trading for Kris Benson for that reason alone. His 4.62 ERA tells me that he will not be expensive and will not cost anything but B-Level prospects. He also has not pitched less than five innings this year, and not less than six innings in five outings out of eight. He may not be Randy Johnson, but he will help the team this year without impacting our 'rebuilding' phase and help us play 'meaningful games' this year. So as Duquette said, the Mets can play for this year and still rebuild. As much as that is contradicting, I believe it.