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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Sometimes I wish I Was Smarter

As Vinny from The Yankees Mets and the Rest pointed out, Jaque Jones will most assuredly be on the Mets list of possible replacements. He is currently hitting .306 with 8 homers and just be turning 30 around opening day. He is a left-handed bat that can hit left handers as well as right handers. He is an all-around solid player that can turn in 20 homers 85 RBIs on a consistent basis. With Torii Hunter and Shannon Stewart as mainstays in the outfield for the Twins, Jones is seemingly the odd-man out. The Twins have depth in the outfield and several young guys ready to step in, namely Lew Ford who is already making quite an impression with the with the Twins. Stewart will be a relative bargain as well and already was the subject of many trade rumors prior the season. The other positive about him is that it does not make sense for the Twins to offer him arbitration in the fear that he may actually accept it. They would have quite an over crowding problem if he did accept arbitration, which makes him all the more interesting choice as he may not compromise future draft picks.