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Thursday, July 08, 2004

David Who?

Wigginton is sure making it hard for Duquette to make any internal 3b moves. He is on fire and poked another homerun last night and was 2 for 5 overall. Is there a need to bring Wright up while the team in on fire? Not really. Unless a trade necessitates the move, let Wright develop more. Wiggie is very dependable right now and that should not be disturbed while he is tearing it up and placed in a reserve role. Wright is definitely the future, but Wigginton is playing like he is the now for the time being.

Wiggie’s homerun (and two RBIs), Floyd's homerun, Cameron's two homeruns, Trachsel's RBI single & pitching performance, Hidalgo's missile to the plate, Kaz's 3 for 4 night which brings him up to .270...Is life not good? The Mets are ONE game out of first place and things are really tight between the Phillies, Braves, Marlins and the Mets. It should be a great race until the end.

Everyday Hidalgo is making look like a bigger idiot than the day before. I cannot say it enough how wrong I was about this guy.

  • I used to not like when Keith Hernandez called games, but now he is my favorite Mets color commentator on TV. The man may come off on conceited, but he speaks the truth. He brings a lot of baseball knowledge and honesty to the game and I like it.

  • David Wright seems to be out of his slump following a homerun and three RBIs yesterday and 2 for 3 performance last night in Norfolk's 4-2 victory over Richmond. Now he is batting .321 and looking like the best position prospect in baseball in my humble opinion. Oh, in good news Bob Keppel had a scoreless outing. Albeit it a rain shortend two inning outing, but a scoreless one nonetheless.

  • Matt Peterson pitched well for Binghamton in their 12 - 9 victory over Erie. He went six innings, surrendered five hits, two earned runs, two walks and eight K's.

  • This is what two people that were not Mets fans wrote on the CBSSPORTSLINE.COM message board last night.

    1) i love it. no one wants to give the mets credit for breaking out of their funk and contending in july. great. keep it up. no one gave the marlins a chance last year either and they beat goliath(the yankees). the mets have solid pitching and WILL get another quality starter. you can't say the pitching is a fluke because they have lead the majors in ERA all year.

    the next 22 games for the mets are very telling for them because it is ALL against the nl east.

    2) by the way. the mets are up on philly right now 10-0 in the 5th inning. after they get their obvious win tonight, they will only be 1 game out of first place with yet another game to go against philly tomorow. i'd watch out nl east fans. i think you guys wrote the mets off just a little to early this year!!!!!

    These two seem like intelligent human beings, no? It is nice to see people other than Mets fans to acknowledge they are actually good.

  • ESPN stole my title from yesterday. I go to the website and sure enough, on the MLB page Movin' On Up. I think I'm going to sue those bastards.

  • Anyone know Mike had this venture out there?

  • Big trade rumor between the Phillies and the Cardinals. This rumored deal proposes that the Phillies would send Kevin Millwood and Placido Palanco to the Cardinals for Matt Morris and Steve Klein. Morris is definately and an upgrade over Millwood at this point, but nothing scares me since the Mets are now a juggernaut.

  • As much as I hate the enemy, I have to say that David Bell is the kind of guy anyone would want on their team. He just gives the impression he plays hard 9 innings a game, 162 games a year, which a lot of players do not look like they do. You can count on his defense and you can count on his bat. He may not be superstar but the kind of guy that plays great below the radar and gets the job done.



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