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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Phuck Phillips

Steve Phillips, Wilson Phillips, Jason Phillips...name one thing that has Phillips in it that is actually good? The Mets should cut ties with all named Phillips from here on out. Jason's sucky performance managed to stick out more than any other sucky performance on Saturday. I do not think the word slump could even classify what he is stuck in right now. It has been about 90 games, and outside of a few games, he has contributed just about nothing. Most Met fans had high hopes for him this year and were hoping for .285, 18 homeruns, and 75 RBIs. Besides a slump in August, he was a line drive machine last year. Now he leaves seven people on base yesterday and hits into a bases loaded double play. Unreal, that was the last thing he needed to do and he did it. A damn strike out would have been better. At this point, other options need to be looked at. Even giving Vance a try everyday or moving Piazza back to catcher primarily, but he is a black hole at the bottom of the order. They guy looks so dejected at all times. I kind of feel sorry for him...that is until he reminds me how much he stinks. Too bad Mike Jacobs was injured this year, we do not too many options. The Mets cannot keep wasting good pitching performances. Glavine surrendered only two earned runs and four total runs total as a result of a Wigginton error. Floyd also misplayed a ball due to the sun which resulted in an earned run, so he actually pitched better than his box score looked. The ninth inning runs that put the Mets away completely did not matter since Wagner would have come in if it was a save situation and the game remained close.

Piazza finally hit his first homerun in 75 at-bats. The Mets need him to perform badly. Someone needs to step up and he has the ability to carry the team on his shoulders. He did it early in the year, and he needs to do it again.

* * *

A must win game in which your best player sits? Howe knew what he was doing obviously. Leiter pitched great despite a 3-2 count on just about everyone, Cameron had one (if not the best) Met catches this year, Cammy and Vance back to back homeruns, and Todd Zeile's huge double play and all around solid day. Mets back over .500 and back to two games out.

Now we get to see Erickson on Monday. Should be interesting.


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