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Monday, July 19, 2004

Who is the Next Casualty?

With the pickup of Mike DeJean and the Mets love for veteran presence, one would assume that DeJean's 6.13 ERA will find itself in the Met bullpen post haste. However, that leaves someone as the odd man out. I would give one of my pinkies if it would be Franco, but alas, reality checks in and it would seem that Dan Wheeler will make his exit to AAA. DeJean is on the books for $1,500,000 this season and is due about $650,000 for the remainder of the year which the Mets will most assuredly not eat since eating DeJean's contract costs more than eating Garcia's. The Mets are in no doubt trying to catch the same lightening in a bottle that they captured with Hidalgo. Only problem is that DeJean was never really that good as dictated by his 4.40 career ERA. I would have rather just cut Garcia than have to make yet another roster move. I hope there is something that I do not know about and Franco or Stanton will be making their exit, but God does not like me enough to do that.


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