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Thursday, August 12, 2004

McGreevey Resigns

In one of the more bizarre situations, Jim McGreevey is announcing his resignation. McGreevey, who is married with children, is apparently gay. He announced that he is a gay American on a news conference.

"I have grappled with my own identity. Who I am..."

"Yet, from my early days in school until the present day, I acknowledge certain feelings that separated me from others. But instead I forced what I thought was an acceptable reality. And this, the 47th year of my life is arguably too late to have this discussion. So my truth is that I am a gay American and I am blessed to live in the greatest nation with civil liberties and a country which provides so much to its people. Yet because of the pain and suffering I have caused to my family, I would almost rather have this moment pass. For this is a personal situation. I am here because shamefully, I engaged in an adult consensual affair with another man, and for this I ask for the forgiveness and grace from my wife."

HOLY CRAP!! I guess you have to admire the cajones it took to do this, but I think the popular guess is that he got caught and that a scandal was coming out and this was a way to beat it to the punch. There are two theories. One that the scandal may be just an affair with another man. The other is that there is a charge of sexual harassment or something to that effect involving a man coming out. I guess more will be coming out on this one.

Why can't Jersey ever get any good publicity!


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