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Friday, August 06, 2004

David Wright Rules

SIX RBI's! The dude had four coming into today. Obviously the news of his two good buddies getting traded is not affecting his play. He was 3 for 5 overall with two doubles and a homerun while leaving no runners on base. I could have used some really bad titles like The Wright Stuff or Wright is all Right, but I'll leave those to the newspapers.

"It was a good at-bat," Wright said. "I was down in the count and battled. It was a breaking ball. I relaxed and it felt good."

Um, too much hanging out with Howe after that battled comment.

It was good game overall for the offense and a lot of different people contributed. Victor threw a ton of pitches (62 strikes and 52 balls) in 5 1/3 innings, walked three, K'd seven, and gave up four earned runs. The last runs he gave up were not helped by the error, so I'll give him a pass. I will reserve judgment since I did not visually see the game since I was at work. My overly optimistic friend who thought Benson looked great in his first appearance said Zambrano looked good too. However, I'm not sure he is the most reliable guy since he convinces me every year the Mets are going all the way. If anyone actually saw the game, let me know how he looked, I am pretty damn curious to get some unbiased views. I will say this though, I was following the game on CBS Sportsline and there were a lot of swinging strikes on balls below the strike zone which was from this hard sinker I presume.

However, if I were a hitter and I knew he throws a lot of balls, and most of his strikes were balls out of the zone that batters fish for, why even swing at all? That is probably and oversimplification of the situation, but I saw a few people go down 0-2 on two balls out of the zone.

  • Pitch fest 2004 featured almost 200 pitches after four innings of play. There was 192 pitches thrown to be exact and it took about 1:50 to play less than half of the ballgame. I'm sure the fans were comatose by that that point of the games considering their team was down by seven runs. The slew of errors certainly did not help matters. All tolled, there were five errors and three by the Mets. By the time the game ended, 348 pitches were thrown.

  • Jose Parra will begin rehabbing in Double A- Binghamton

  • Kendry Morales has been granted citizenship in the Dominican Republic. Since the Mets signed Soler without even seeing him, I say what the hell? Sign Morales too. It is not like the Mets have many switch hitting 1B/OFs in their system. The fact that they just signed a Cuban defector should count for some brownie points.

  • The Cardinals are the Mets next opponent. The Mets go to the wonderful city of St. Louis to play the best team in the NL. At least they are struggling right? Oh, what’s that? They are 12-4 since the All-Star break? Not exactly fantastic odds when the Mets really need to rip off a pretty good winning streak to climb the NL East ladder.

    Game 1 is Morris vs. Glavine
    Game 2 is Williams vs. Benson
    Game 3 is Marquis vs. Leiter

    The Mets are throwing out three pretty damn good arms, let's see what they can do. With Houston looming in the distance as the Mets next series, they need to avoid rolling over and playing dead this series. Isn't it annoying when I point out the painful obvious?

  • Anyone notice that his stats aren't really that bad? I know he has only seen limited playing time but still.

    But really weird thing is that ChiSox picked up the same two guys this year around the trading deadline that they picked up last year.

  • This article is dumb.


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