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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Houston, We Have a Problem

Ok, Reyes is not injured. He is day to day in fact and may not miss any time. After he got injured last night, I kept thinking "here we go again", but at the same time, I was glad the Mets had Mr. Insurance Policy himself Ty Wigginton. The Mets could have stood to sustain Reyes loss for a bit, but it would not have been fun. Reyes is on fire and the Mets need him in the lineup everday. Now that his injury is cleared up, here is the real problem. the real problem.

This is what the Mets only scoring inning looked liked.

-V Wilson walked
-J Seo sacrificed to first, V Wilson to second.
-J Reyes singled to deep right, V Wilson scored.
-K Matsui singled to right, D Wright to second.
-M Piazza walked, D Wright to third, K Matsui to second.
-C Floyd hit by pitch, D Wright scored, K Matsui to third, M Piazza to second.
-R Hidalgo walked, K Matsui scored, M Piazza to third, C Floyd to second.
-T Wigginton struck out looking.
-M Cameron walked, M Piazza scored, C Floyd to third, R Hidalgo to second.
-V Wilson struck out.

See a pattern? The Mets only scored because of the ineptitude of Montreal pitching. At this point the Mets are in danger of losing the series 3-1 to the Expos when they direly needed to take series 3-1 in their favor. Losing this series to the Expos is the equivalent of teeing off in golf and not making it past the woman's tees. That is unsettling to say the least. The Mets should have blown the game apart in that inning, but two K's killed them. Putting the ball in play is must. Poor execution despite the inning being gift wrapped to them. Let's see if Leit's out can work some magic against closer converted starter Rocky Biddle.

* * *

  • Erickson was DFA'd.

    "He was on a short leash," Duquette said. Classic. I'm going to make an obvious guess and say they are going to check out Heilman in that spot. It is now or never for him, maybe he has figured it out.

  • Peterson got thrown out of his second game of the year. His message to the umps? "Don't squeeze my pitchers of I will unleash my fury." At least someone in the dugout is coaching.

  • Three way deal brewing? The Marlins have been enlisted by the Yankees to serve them up some prospect to send to Arizona. They are dangling Jose Contreras who the Marlins were interested in before. It is also said in this deal that Johnson prefers to go to Anaheim which is pretty opposite of most reports on ESPN saying Yankees or bust. I say let him rot in Arizona.

  • Padres stepping it up in the Finley pursuit. They are also interested in dealing Payton and Montreal may be an option.

  • The Cubs are still intereted in Garciaparra, but are not willing to give up Clement. Umm, they have to give up something.

  • As the Benson turns. Benson has two days to be moved at this point. The Pirates have upgraded their request to involved AAA outfielder Jason Kubel. I can't fault Littlefield for trying to get as much as he can for the much coveted pitcher, but he may be left with his piece in his hand and nothing to show for it.

  • The Phillies are interested in Kenny Lofton for centerfield now that Steve Finley is off the table for them and not coming East.

  • A lot of interest has start swirling about Mike Sweeney. Allan Baird was quoted as saying he would only trade him if he could get him into a Pennant race. The Angels, Athletics, Dodgers, Giants, and Padres are all teams that may be interested that fit that criteria.

  • The Expos have asked for Angel Guzman and Felix pie in a deal for Orlando Cabrera to the Cubs. The Cubs do not want to part with either and ESPN suggest that the Giants may end up with Cabrera.

  • Duqutte is pulling a 'Stand' Pat Gillick move by keeping all his veterans. I'd have to say this is a wise move.

  • Spencer looks like he'll be axed.

  • Mets still secretly interested in Benson?

  • Soler is close to being a Met. I for one am very interested to see if he is a Livan Hernandez or a Jose Contreras. I hope he suits up soon.

  • Floyd apologizes:

    "Let me make this clear. I love the game. I love the Mets and New York. I play the game as hard as I can, but people don't realize the grind the season is and the toll it can take on your body. I was speaking the other day out of frustration, nothing more."

    Enter damage control. It will be interesting to see if he is still a Met in 2005. He still has value and a manageable contract.

  • Mets not on Time Warner cable? This sounds bit like the Yankees and Cablevision. The Yankees set a precedent and took Cablevision to court and won and are now basic cable with Cablevision while the Mets and MSG are not somehow.


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