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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

David Freakin Wright

The future is apparently now. With Piazza going down I'm going to assume Wiggie will be moved to first since it is unknown how long Piazza will be out and Mr. Wright will be holding down the hot corner. Amazingly enough, I was already going to tonight's game and it should be great. The Mets need this win and hopefully Wright can contribute right away. Definitely an interesting move which now necessitates yet another roster move to clear room for Wright since Piazza is not going to the DL just yet. Early speculations is that Jason Phillips may be DFA'd and then traded within 10 days. I doubt Duquette would make such a move had he not had a trade in the works already, but it should get interesting.

Stupidity Update: I'm not sure why I thought they would get rid of Phillips to make room for Wright. That would leave them with one catcher while Piazza is out. Damn, I amaze myself sometimes with my stupidity.


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