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Thursday, July 22, 2004

A Little Ricky P. and Random Stuff

Quotes on Rick:

"Rick's record of success as a pitching coach speaks for itself," Mets GM Jim Duquette said. "He brings an approach and a passion to the job which will be a tremendous plus for our organization."

"There's a reason why we have the best pitching staff in baseball," said Tom Glavine, who is making a bid for comeback player of the year. "When you have a lot of veteran guys, people think they won't listen and buy in. That's not necessarily true. We're smart enough to realize that there are things we can do better, and Rick can teach us those things."

"What we've done in his first year is not a coincidence," Al Leiter said. "His passion for what he does burns so hot, it's like a white flame. Sometimes I think it's frustrating for him because he wants everyone to have the same passion he does."

"He’s going to help [the Mets] out," Mulder said at the time of Peterson’s departure from Oakland, "and I can guarantee you they will be a much better pitching staff with him next year."

Some quotes from Rick:

"I was walking on the beach and it was like an epiphany," Peterson said. "I wasn't thinking about anything, but all the answers just came to me. You're a teacher. Go teach. Put on your uniform and go teach."

Peterson's philosophy: "In God we trust. All others must have data."

"My job is to educate these kids to not have to throw so hard to be effective," Peterson told USA Today during spring training. "But it's possible to throw hard without injuring yourself, and that's what I'm stressing."

"It's a triangle," he says. "One side is fundamental skills, another is physical conditioning and the other is mental and emotional skills, and it's important that all three are balanced. ... Talent does not equate to performance; preparation equates to performance."

Here is Rick back in his pitching days. I had no idea he was a southpaw.

With Humber, Kazmir, Peterson, Petit, Keppel, and Musser the Mets are going to be in good shape in putting some quality arms as well possibly an all-star caliber arm or two on their Roster over the next couple of years. Oakland became a year in year out pennant threat with their big three and the Mets have a shot at something special with their young guns coming up under the tutelage of Rick Peterson. Between the Mets resources and Duquette's seemingly well thought out moves and overall plan of building sustained success, Met fans may very well be rewarded for their loyalty. Just think of where the Mets might have been if they had kept Steve Phillips aboard.

* * *

  • Last night's victory was not a pretty one, but a win nonetheless. Seo really pitched a good game against the AAA Montreal Expos, but he was unable to get through the seventh with and left with the Mets up 4-1. Then all of our worst fears came true, Mike Stanton coming in with two runners on. He promptly gives up a homer to the mighty Endy Chavez upon entering the game. Lead gone, Seo's chance for a win thrown out the window. The Mets ended up pulling it out by way of a Montreal Expos error which allowed Ty to score. Ty also had a nice scoop at first on the game ending double play.

    How about Jae Seo? 2 for 3 with a double and run scored. He ripped that double and Seo was being played shallow so it took a while for Chavez to get back to it. I was yelling triple as soon as it was hit, but it was not too happen. Jae Seo is a monster on the basepaths too. Not only did he steal a base the other day, but he is a lock to score from 2nd on single and is not afraid to get dirty.

    Seo's take:
    "I think I'm getting closer to feeling better with my at-bats, and one of these days I'm going to hit one out of the park," joked Seo. "I wanted a triple on that one and I could have pushed it, but I wanted to reserve my hamstring for pitching."

    David Wright failed to get a hit, but made a few nice plays in the field. The Shea faithful gave him a big ovation on his first at-bat to help make him feel at home. So far the Mets are undefeated with Wright. We'll see how far that goes.

  • Ty is miffed about the callup of David Wright.

  • Lastings Milledge went 2-5 with a double in three RBIs one of yesterday’s St. Lucie games. He actually was pretty hit or miss in that game as he K'd in the other three at-bats he did not get hits in. He went 0-3 in the other game and is now batting .298.

  • Jason Giambi's lethargic feeling just will not go away. He actually had got tested for cancer to try another avenue. Although they expect the results to be negative, this illness that he has been feeling for the better part of season is turning into quite an enigma.

  • The Marlins are looking to upgrade their woeful offense (except when they play the Mets) by adding either Larry Walker or Steve Finley. The Rockies are interested in Darren Oliver so a deal could start with that him. The Rangers have also shown interest in Oliver as well.

  • A tidbit from this article:

    Free-agent-to-be Carlos Delgado might want to scratch one club off the list of off-season suitors, thanks to his controversial stance on the war in Iraq. Baseball's wealthiest team, the Yankees, happen to be run by the game's most patriotic owner, George Steinbrenner.

  • Randy Johnson's agent Barry Meister has told people he doubts his client will be traded by the July 31st headline.


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