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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Another Day, Another Dollar

Another dollar short that is. The Mets have lost their last 10 of 11 and are spiraling downward. Last September the Mets went 7 and 19 and they appear to be headed down a similar path this year. The Mets need only six more wins to tie last years record but who at this point has faith that that will actually happen? Raise your hands. Hmm, no one? The Expos are 4.5 games behind the Mets and gaining. Looks like Mets will have a stellar chance to improve their farm system by drafting high again.

The Mets loss last night was highlighted by Wilson Delgado's four RBIs. Yes, Delgado provided all of the offense for the Mets accounting for all of their runs batted in. Wilson homered for the first time this year. The last three batters in the lineup picked up seven of the nine hits as Wright picked up two hits, Phillips picked up two hits, and Delgado picked up three hits. You are not going to win many games when your 1 through 5 spots in the order get two hits.

Glavine is 9-11 and is getting closer to his 9-14 record last year. By Glavine being on the Mets, he has lost about ten victories between this season and last season. The forty wins he needs are looking pretty far away considering he may be Met for two more seasons. I do not care if the Mets do not win any other games but the ones Glavine pitches in this year. Tom needs to rack up a few more wins this year. It is utterly ridiculous the support, or the complete lack of support he has received. Yes, he was not sharp last night, but overall, he has not fared well.

After I slept on this Victor Diaz not getting promoted notion, I got more pissed. Victor went 3 for 4 last night he only has five more games left this year. The reason the Mets are not bringing him up is because there is no room in the outfield. There is so little room that Gerald Williams has found 49 at bats in August and has started five games in row and started eleven out of the last twenty games. Who cares anyway if he sits on the bench? He'll find SOME playing time. After September 6th he'll be home playing Xbox anyway. Mike Cameron looks like "death warmed over" right now so wouldn't it make sense to try an inject some offense into a listless lineup with your best minor league hitter? It does make sense if you are anyone outside of the Mets front office. No one has an idea when Cameron is coming back. He could be out another week or so. Diaz could rake in some games for the Mets and certainly add more than "Ice" brings to the table. Even if he comes up and sits on the bench, he'll be doing nothing at home anyway. Unreal. I cannot see any logic in this non-move.

* * *

  • Here is a shocker, Brian Buchanan cleared waivers and will finish the season at AAA. You mean no one wanted him? That is one hell of a surprise. The obvious thing would be to plug him in at first now that Brazell is in the majors, but I'm sure they will demote Diaz to plug Buchanan into right field. Buchanan was a worthless move, let him go. What purpose does it serve to have him play in Norfolk for five days?

  • Ichiro inches closer to Sisler’s record for hits in season. He picked up two more hits last night and is up to 214 hits so far. He is on pace for 263 hits and has brought his average up to .372 during his tear.