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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Go Now or be Fired at the End of the Season

Apparently Art was given the options to leave now, or manage until the end of the season and be fired. He truly is a dead man walking now. So what does Artie have to say?

"I'm proud of what I've done here," Howe said. "I've done the best I possibly could. The record speaks for itself. Facts are facts."

Did I miss something? What can he be proud of? Mis-using the bullpen and bench worse than anyone I've every seen? Coaching to a 129-177 record? What is there to be proud of? Howe continues to exhibit the traits of a mental midget. Yes he had a horrible luck with the team's health, but he exacerabated the problem by failing to grasp the way a National League Team should be handled. Getting rid of Howe is part of the housekeeping that needs to be done. Next should be the Wilpons, Leiter, and Franco with Piazza following after the 2005 season ends. This team needs a change and the injection of hungry, young players who have a burning desire to play.

UPDATE: Well it's done. The Mets have officially fired Art Howe. Here is an excerpt from FireArtHowe.com that basically sums up how I feel about this issue.

It should come as no surprise that over here we want nothing more than to have Art Howe ousted as the manager of the New York Mets.

He's just not the right fit for this team or this town. Yes his teams have been plagued with injuries but he's also made his fair share of terrible managing decisions. He'll be a great manager somewhere else, just not here.

With that said, we are appalled at how the Wilpons and the rest of this organization is apparently handling the situation. If the decision has been made to fire Art Howe, please, just let him go and promote Don Baylor for the last few weeks. Leaking to the media (see below) that Art Howe will be let go is just a classless move all around.

Say what you will about Art Howe but one thing is for sure, he is a very nice, stand-up guy who doesn't deserve this kind of treatment.

We just watched the post-game of the first game of tonight's doubleheader and couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor fella. He just looked and sounded utterly defeated, even in the wake of a nice victory for his team.

We still think that Art Howe needs to go at the end of the season but now we hope that the team will step up and finish very strong for him. They quit on him, stabbed him in the back at times and now that it looks like he's going to be gone soon, we hope they send him out on a high note.

What a disgrace.