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Friday, September 10, 2004

In Case You Missed It

Jim Caple had a funny as hell article on the Yankees request for MLB to issue a forfeit in favor of the Yankees. This was requested after the Devil Rays failed to make the first game of a Labor Day Double header due to hurricane Frances. Some quick quotes:

Hurricane Frances killed at least 10 people in Florida, knocked out power to six million, dumped 12 inches of rain throughout the state and forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people from their homes.

But the Yankees suffered the worst brunt of the hurricane, by far. Frances inconvenienced them for a whole day.


We played the night Alex Rodriguez's limo broke down on the Major Deegan. We played the night Jason Giambi cut the cheese on the team bus and everybody had to get out and walk the rest of the way. We played the night Ruben Rivera stole Joe Torre's hubcaps.

And the Devil Rays can't get to the airport on time?

Read the entire article, Pulitzer Award winning stuff.

Tim Keown's article was another funny short write up on the Yankees forfeit request.