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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Sunday Tid Bits

"I can honestly say [that], professionally, this is the most embarrassed I've ever been, the most frustrated I've ever been," Piazza said. "I don't know what to say. Embarrassed, frustrated, dumbfounded."

I think it is safe to say the Mets are in a free fall. Their losing streak is now a season-worst eight games, also matching the longest winless streak of Howe's two-year regime. They've lost 13 of their last 14 overall. They need seven more wins to top last year's win total. They need to go a paltry 7 - 21 from here on out to accomplish that feat.

  • According to the NYPost:

    Duquette said the Mets have interest in Cuban star Kendry Morales, though it didn't sound as if they'll be major players for him. Superscouts Al Goldis and Bill Livesey attended Morales' workout this week

    You have interest, but you do not think you'll be major players for him? I hope that is just GM Speak for I really cannot or do not really want to comment on a player that is not on my team sort of deal. The Mets could use a 21 (or maybe 24) year old 1B/OF that would not cost them any prospects. With the money Wilpon made off of us fans for such a shitty product the last three years, he needs to lay out the cash whenever he can upgrade the organization. I want to see Morales gift wrapped with Humber soon.

  • Over his last six starts, Leiter's ERA is 5.97. Raise your hand if you think it is a good idea to bring him back.

  • Howe on the clubhouse situation:

    I've got control," Howe said. "We're not winning. That's the bottom line. We've got to figure out what we can do, if anything, to resolve that."

    Umm, you may be the only person in this universe who thinks you have control of this team.

  • After picking up five hits last night, Ichiro is on pace for 268 hits. He is closing in on the record and his .379 average is inching closer to the improbable .400 number. He is absolutely locked in right now. Seven of his last nine games have been multiple hit games and he is batting .654 over his last six games.

  • How much to the Mets trust Petit? A lot I guess. Yusmeiro Petit will get the nod in the opener Wednesday in Manchester.

  • Click here if you want to take you mind off of baseball.


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