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Saturday, September 04, 2004


The Mets dropped their seventh in row as Keith Ginter had to leave the game after one inning after aggravating an ankle sprain. You cannot make this stuff up. The Mets made Gavin Floyd look like a seasoned pro in his first major league start at just 21 years old. He went seven innings giving up only one run. Floyd only surrendered four hits to the listless Mets. If I am going to be forced to watch ridiculously bad baseball, I want to see prospects and young kids. This is going to be the third straight year in row that the Mets finish below .500 and at this rate, they may finish last for the third straight year. While the Mets past three finishes will have looked like they may have trying to rebuild, the fact is they have not been and still are under the silly notion that rebuilding is not acceptable in New York. Since when did the Mets become the Yankees and have a win now attitude? Last I check the Mets were one of the worst teams in the majors in 2002, 2003, and 2004 and isn't winning one of the prerequisites for a win now attitude?

I look at the Indians and their fan base was up in arms when they started selling off their pieces and dealing guys like Colon and Alomar while letting Thome walk away in free agency. They made some great moves and acquired top tier talent and they were bad for a number of years. Now with guys like Cliff Lee, Travis Hafner, Jody Gerut, Victor Martinez, Ronnie Belliard, C.C. Sabathia, Jake Westbrook, and Kazuhito Tadano all on the right side of 30 and all are quality major leaguers, they have a solid and young foundation. Some of those guys are already all star caliber players. Then they infuse some quality veterans like Matt Lawton and Casey Blake who are still pretty young and in their early 30's. On top of that, you compound those pieces with up and coming prospects like Johnny Peralta, Brandon Phillips (who has straightened himself out and is batting .312 at AAA), Grady Sizemore, Franklin Gutierrez, Jeremy Guthrie, Michael Aubrey, and the eventually signing of Jeremy Sowers, that is a bright future. As of now the Indians are only two games under .500 with the 2nd most potent offense in the majors and no where to go but up. The Mets had three shitty seasons in a row and their rebuilding should have started taking place then 2002. I have no faith in this team to do the right thing anymore. Their ridiculous lack of realizing when they have a shot or not is what lost them Jason Bay for Steve Reed. How nice would a 25 year old outfielder that can hit for power and average look about now?

* * *

  • Scott Kazmir got touched up for his second straight start. He went five innings giving up four runs on only four hits. His control problems continue to be his downfall as the walked six guys. Scott still managed seven K's and when he can learn to control his pitches more, he is going to be good. His K/9 is an impressive 9.00. He will get there, but there will be a few more bumps in the road. If he is in the rotation next year, I truly believe we will see solid numbers from his live arm.

  • Kevin Brown broke his non-pitching hand while hitting a wall in the clubhouse in frustration. He still expects to pitch this season with the hand in a splint. But the more important new is that Boston is slowly creeping up. Behind a Pedro Martinez lead shutout, the BoSox have moved to 2 1/2 games behind the overpaid, over hyped Yankees.

  • On Reyes:

    "That would be great if he could, but at this point, he's not close," Art Howe said. "If there's any risk of injury, it wouldn't be worth it at all."

    Why even bother? Why surround him with a depressing losing team. Do not even entertain the idea, send him home to rest and let him see some leg specialist.

    More Reyes stuff from the Times:

    Reyes says he is willing to work throughout the winter with a specialist if that is what it takes to solve his persistent leg troubles. He is expected to be the Mets' starting shortstop in 2005.

    "I am? They never tell me nothing about that," Reyes said about moving back to shortstop.


  • Guess who is coming back? Our very own Brian Buchanan. The outfield is so crowded that they could not bring up Victor Diaz, but there is plenty of room for Lydon and Buchanan. Yes, Buchanan plays 1B too, but with Brazell, Valent, and Zeile able to play first with Piazza playing there everyday, I'm not sure why the Mets insist on these non-moves. Bring up the kids not retreads on the wrong side of 30 with NO long term value. This team is joke.

  • Benson is expected to start on Tuesday.

  • Victor Diaz picked up two more hits in Norfolk’s victory over Durham last night. He went 2 for 3.

  • * * *

  • This kind of new really puts baseball in perspective.

    The death toll in the Russian hostage crisis has climbed to 322 as President Vladimir Putin ordered a security clampdown and forces searched for participants in the massacre.

    Russian Deputy Prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky said Saturday 322 bodies, including those of 155 children, had been recovered from the scene of the siege in the southern town of Beslan.

    The toll could rise slightly if investigators find more bodies in the rubble of the school, Fridinsky said. Officials previously put the toll at 250.

    There are some absolute nuts out there for sure.


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