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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


If you have a life unlike me, you probably have not been to AnnaBenson.net in while and did not notice the site is updated. I figured since we will be seeing Kris around Shea for a few more years, it would stand to reason that I should try and get to know her a little bit better.

Unfortunately the only thing I came away with from going through the entire website is that her measurements are 36, 24, 34 and that one of her favorite links is PiecesOfAss.com

This is what happens when the news is slow. I cannot wait for the hot stove to heat up. Why can't this season just end already?

* * *

  • The Mets have only had two guys top 40 homeruns in one season and they were both catchers. As for 30 homeruns, only twelve Mets have eclipsed that plateau. Mike Piazza has done it the most by hitting over 30 homeruns four times. Darryl Strawberry, HoJo, and Dave Kingman all passed the 30 mark three times while Todd Hundley had 30 or more two times. Overall, a Met player has only eclipsed 30 homeruns 21 times since their first season in 1962. Frank Thomas was the first Met to eclipse 30 homeruns and he did it in their inaugural season. Is anyone sleeping yet?

  • This is a classic dig on Greg Ostertag from MSNBC.com:

    Greg Ostertag of the Sacramento Kings broke his hand in a fall at his home. Doctors advised him to refrain from any activity in which he might exert himself, which means he's cleared to play basketball.

  • Rich Hammond from the LA Daily news thinks that Odalis Perez may find himself signing with another team in 2005. He suggests that LA may not even be interested in trying to retain the services of most significant left handed starter on the market. This will be interesting to watch because he'd sure look good in a Mets uniform to supplant the loss of another left hander in tne Met rotation. He gives up quite a few long balls, but has a low 90's fastball and has a good K/BB ratio (4.08 in 2002, 3.07 in 2003, and 2.91 in 2004). If the Mets can pick him up, I'd be a HUGE fan of trying to dump Trachsel and bringing in Matt Clement or Daisuke Matsuzaka. I'm still a firm Believer that Trachsel's $5,000,000 per year and option for 2006 is great for a team not looking to take a big chance and is looking for a solid and reliable starter. The Mets would ultimately most likely have to overpay to get any big name in NY because of the debacles that have gone on throughout the last couple years. I guess we will all find out how good of a salesman Omar Minaya is.

  • Dan Wheeler on getting traded:

    "The Mets did me a favor when they traded me," he said. "It seems strange that they couldn't use me and here I am on a playoff team. I never understood it."

    The trade was strange to me too. I did not think that Wheeler was not useful, but I guess they thought Adam Seuss was a better fit for the organization even though he will not sniff the majors or hit AAA for that matter.

  • The Mets get the OK to interview Willie Randloph. However, they receive empty threats from Joe Torre in response to it.

    "I just hope to hell it's more than just, 'We have to interview minorities and stuff and he's right across the river, so let's do it,'" Torre said last night. "That's hard on Willie. You can't think it's just going to be one of those things, because then you're not prepared for the interview."

    Joe, not sure if you noticed, but you are in the playoffs. Keep you face in your own plate and mind your own business. The Mets will choose who is best for their team. If for some reason they choose Randolph because he sat next to you this year, then so be it. The last thing anyone wants to read is crap like this from your mouth. If Randolph does not want to go, he has that freedom to not go to the interview. Besides, they could have interviewed Don Baylor right after the season to fulfill that requirement.

    Bob Brenly, the former Diamondbacks manager who led the team to the World Series title in 2001, said he called Minaya a week ago about applying for the job, but hasn't heard back yet.

    "I don't know if that means I have no shot," Brenly said, "or if it means he is swamped and hasn't had a chance to get back to me yet."

    Don't stay home and wait for the call Bob.

    Kirk Gibson has an interview set up next week to interview for the job and Dodgers field coordinator Terry Collins was given permission to interview for the job as well.

  • There is coverage of the new Mets Network everywhere, but the best things that I've read are these:

    For Time Warner's 2.3 million local subscribers and Comcast's 790,000 subscribers, the Mets network will be available on expanded basic cable.


    Industry sources said the Devils, with one year left on the team's MSG/FSNY contract, have already had "informal" talks with representatives of the Mets network. Also, the Jets, sources said, are interested in a programming relationship with Mets TV

    This better mean something good for the fans, I just do not see how it could not.

    Note to Wilpon: Lowering beer prices like Moreno did when buying the Angels would be a nice show of good faith to the loyal patrons that have sat through two last place finishes and one fourth place finish.

  • From BA:

    Boston vs. New York: Red Sox in six. Curt Schilling, bad ankle and all, is the surest thing among starters remaining in the playoffs. After he beats Mike Mussina tonight, the Yankees rotation goes all downhill from there.

    Just like me, insert foot in mouth. I thought this game was a slam dunk. I'm officially in DEFCOM 5, Schilling may not even be able to pitch in the rest of the ALCS due to his ankle injury.


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