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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Baseball Prospectus' Two Cents

I missed Baseball Prospectus' Triple Play the other day that had the New York Mets. They had weighed in on the managerial situation:

The Mets job looks like a dream scenario for Randolph, whose reputation in baseball is without blemish. It's shocking that he has had so few interviews, let alone job offers, over the past couple of years. The jury's out on whether standing down the third-base line as World Series are being won will make you a great manager, but the lack of attention paid to Randolph is puzzling. His hiring would be met with near-universal acclaim.

So would Jaramillo's; in fact, the only complaint might be that Willie Randolph wasn't hired instead. He is known as a hitting guru (although the Rangers struggled offensively this year, but hush, let's not let contrary evidence get in the way of a good reputation) and players absolutely love him. More important to his chances with the Mets, he is close with Minaya, who trusts him.

They also muse about the Mets first base situation and gave us this:

Aubrey Huff (.297): He's not going to be a Devil Ray when they start contending, so Tampa might want to get something for him now. We'd suggest Scott Kazmir, but he's already been stolen.

Low blow, low blow.


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