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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Omar, Get Barry Axelrod on Speeddial

From Buster Olney's chat on ESPN:

Jonathan (D.C.)Any chance that the Mets do something unexpected? Is it really wise for them to be chasing players in their mid and late 30s (Pedro and Alou)?

Jonathan: Seems like Omar is intent on making a splash and contending immediately, despite the many flaws in the Mets' roster. Alou makes less than zero sense to me: Older player, prone to injury, horrible fit for Shea Stadium, seems to be on the decline, never been a New York guy (declined a trade to Yankees a few years ago). Pedro makes more sense, although Dan Patrick is reporting the signing with Boston is imminent. I thought the Mets would get him...

Reports on ESPN radio say the Pedro signing with Boston is imminent. Time to start with plan B and Odalis Perez is not a good plan B. He's an OK plan B, but not good. Time to start coming up with another plan if you want your rotation to be five man deep with Heilman and Seo waiting in case someone goes down.


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