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Monday, April 04, 2005

RFK is F-ugly

For anyone worried that Shea would be considered the worst current stadium in baseball can stop worrying. Though the Mets enjoyed their trip there, RFK is a dump. It looks like Olympic Stadium from the outside in it's concrete ugliness and inside does not get much better. Obviously since it was built in 1962 for football usage and it is a temporary home, they get a free pass and Shea will eventually resume it's rightful title as the worst stadium in the majors in a few years.

The field's dimensions are very similar to Shea stadiums. However, since the field is encircled by the stadium, it will not play as much as a pitcher's park like Shea since wind will really not be a factor. It will play more like a slight pitcher's park or a neutral park. All in all the place looked probably as good as they could get it and it was great to actually see people at the baseball game. 25,453 fans showed up and they only topped that number twice last year. The Nationals should top that 25,453 mark three times in the first three home games as well. Their first three home games will probably top their highest attendance in 2004 of 31,395. There were a lot of Met fans there, but there were so many people excited about this National team too. It was just an amazing game to be at.

21,000 season tickets were sold already basically assuring solid attendances for the entire season. Washington should easily turn into a team that could spend $70 - $80 million on their payroll in a few years and should continue when they build their new stadium, which will become the jewel of the NL East. The Nationals and Orioles are also teaming up on their own network so they can share the media revenues for the area so they are no in direct competition for limited broadcasting dollars.

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  • People think Carlos Beltran is good. I do too.

  • The saga and the blackout continue. Is this a disturbing trend or what? Next season Cablevision customer's will be blacked out from Mets games. Does anyone actually think Dolan will pick up their network after this and when Time Warner refused to buy his useless trio of channels after 2005?

  • From NJ.com:

    While the Mets still have Benson penciled in on Saturday, it's unclear who might take his place if he's unable to go. Two days ago, the Mets traded long reliever Matt Ginter to Detroit and really have no one in their bullpen -- other than perhaps Manny Aybar -- who can absorb a significant number of innings.

    Minor-leaguer Yusmeiro Petit, who pitched two hitless innings in yesterday's game, is a possibility. Minaya declined to speculate what he might do.

    Ah, we long for Matt Ginter and his marginal versatility. Petit has certainly proved he can should/could be considered in any short term solution and be able to hold his own while being a better option than Seo or Heilman.

  • Vance keeps flapping his gums:

    "I'm even more blown away by it," Wilson told Booth Newspapers. "It's kind of funny. I love New York, and I had a great time there, but it even put in more perspective how miserable a time we had there. And how bad the baseball was there. There's no chemistry."

    Wilson also is happy to have former teammate Matt Ginter on board after the Mets traded the reliever to Detroit on Saturday. "I was very surprised the Mets didn't find a spot for him," Wilson said. "I think over there, you've got some people that I think have too much say. Because some of the people they've let go, you just don't see that."

    Ummm, Vance. You were one of those people with too much to say.

  • From BP's this week in Quotes:

    "To be released after four outings? What's four outings in the spring? Nothing. They can pay my gas money for my car, they can pay to fill up my 240-gallon tank for my 30-foot Pursuit, they can gas up my jet boat and our three jet skis."

    Tough life.

  • Pedro will start his Cy Young campaign today and the Mets will begin their march to the playoffs that only the highly intelligent Jim Caple and Joe Sheehan predicted that I've seen.

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