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Friday, May 06, 2005

I'm A....

I'm a toe-sucking biscuit who loves to megafuck Ed Kotch.

I went all these years and had no clue. If you have nothing better to do, click the above link to see what you are. Hopefully you don't megafuck Ed Kotch.

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  • John Sickels has been appearing every now and then on NY Fansites. He stops in to talk about the Mets first three draft picks of '04.

    I'll save you some time, they are good. Humber and Hernandez, in particular, are really good. One thing stood out though, he had this to say about Humber:

    If all goes according to plan, he should be ready for Major League action sometime in 2006. I don't think he will turn into Aaron Heilman.

    At this point, would it really be that bad? Heilman has done the impossible and begun to endear himself to Mets fans and reporters alike. In a 2 - 2 tie, he came in with the bases load and two outs in the fifth inning with two outs, and saved the day. He showed balls the size of Looper's enormous head and finished the day giving up only one hit in 3.1 innings. Heilman is actually a go to guy that I look forward to taking the mound. What's next? The Yankees in last place? Oh, they are. Life is good. Life is good.

  • "As much as I say I'm going to be smooth out there, it takes time to make some adjustments," said Cameron, who was 2-for-4 with two doubles and a run scored. "I'm trying to be as smooth as possible."

  • Good stuff. Pretty much sums up how I feel.

    have to confess that watching George Steinbrenner's zillionaires struggle this spring has given me much more pleasure than the Sox's uneven early-season defense of their title.

    When Kevin Brown was spinning a nifty eight-hitter with one out in the first against the D-Rays on Tuesday, I was positively bouncing off the walls, calling friends, alerting them to the 15.7-million-dollar man's latest disaster. In getting blasted by Tampa Bay, Brown fell to 0-4 with an 8.25 E.R.A. Most pitchers would have been mercifully pulled after being lit up for six runs in the first, but you could almost see Joe Torre saying, "Nope, you're gonna earn some of that money today, Big Fella, by taking one for the team."

    What can Brown do for you? Well, to sum it up, he can break his non-pitching hand in a late-season tantrum, get shelled in a Game 7 loss and allow opponents to hit .380 against him to start 2005.

    Read it.

  • No pressure Victor. You just have to face the hottest team in baseball who owns a seven game winning streak and your starting rotation spot is becoming seriously in jeopardy.

  • Hmmmmmmm.... The D-Backs really do not need this guy. As the article pointed out, if they do not sign him, they have six picks in the top 85 in a draft where there is a pretty good amount of talent deep into the draft. There may not be many superstars, but it is deep talent wise and the D-Backs get the first pick ensuring a possible superstar in Alex Gordon or Justin Upton.

    In a recent letter to the Diamondbacks, Boras attempted to restate Drew's allure as a special player on par with the skills of a young Alex Rodriguez or Miguel Tejada, but Kendrick said such comparisons are "clear speculation."

    Dealing with Boras is probably a horrible experience, but having him continually compare his unproven players with superstars has to be grating. For every one guy that is highly touted that succeeds, twenty fail. He does a lot of his clients good, but he does plenty bad. I bet Kevin Millwood wishes Mr. Boras was not his agent.

  • Eric Junge continues to look sharp starting for the Tides despite losing the game 1 - 0 to Charlotte. Craig Brazell and his newfound plate discipline also started in left field and that certainly bears watching. If he can be a big bat off the bench and play 1st and a COF spot, he could slate to help the Mets out at some point this year as a left handed power bat off the bench that Eric Valent used to be.

  • Yusmeiro Petit is human. He gave up three runs and seven hits in three innings.

  • Who wants to bet Mike Piazza has a day off to "rest" on Saturday? Yesterday, he played a day game after a night game, which is not something he normally does, especially on a game that was relatively meaningless. Willie, clearly looking ahead, will be giving Piazza his rest on Saturday when Pedro pitches and it will be chalked up to Mikey just needing a day off again since he played X amount of games in row. They will repeat that it just keeps falling this way. Does anyone care if El Diva has a personal catcher? Shit no. As long as Pedro keeps pitching the way he is, no one will care one iota, but to keep denying it is pretty funny. When reporters were grilling Piazza on the issue for Pedro's last start, he was getting pissed. He will continue to get pissed every time it happens. Why put him through it?

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