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Friday, April 29, 2005

All Overpaid List

Fox Sports had listed the top 100 salaries in baseball in 2005 a bit ago. I looked at some of the most overpaid players last year, but it never ceases to amaze me what some players are getting paid to seriously under perform due to lack of skill, injury, etc. Must be nice to be a ballplayer, no?
Rank Player          Team    Salary
5 Mike Mussina Yankees $19,000,000
7 Jeff Bagwell Astros $18,000,000
11 Kevin Brown Astros $15,714,286
13 Chan Ho Park Rangers $15,000,000
15 Mike Hampton Braves $13,503,543
16 Jason Giambi Yankees $13,428,571
23 Preston Wilson Rockies $12,500,000
25 Bernie Williams Yankees $12,357,143
28 Darren Dreifort Dodgers $11,400,000
30 Mike Sweeney Royals $11,000,000
44 Tim Salmon Angels $10,150,000
49 Phil Nevin Padres $9,492,689
60 Bobby Higginson Tigers $8,850,000
63 Jose Contreras Chi Sox $8,500,000
63 Sidney Ponson Orioles $8,500,000
89 Edgardo Alfonzo Giants $7,500,000
98 Geoff Jenkins Brewers $7,333,333
total $220,229,587
This list was excellent in showing you what teams are able to purchase and afford premium talent and how much premium talent. The only two teams not to have a player in the top 100 highest paid player list were the Indians, who just missed with Kevin Millwood, and the Devil Rays, who have any player making over $5,000,000.
          # of          Total        Average
Players in Cost of Cost of each
Team Top 100 those players Player

Yankees 11 $155,507,336 $14,137,031
Red Sox 7 $73,556,820 $10,508,117
Astros 5 $70,714,308 $14,142,862
Mets 5 $56,616,799 $11,323,360
Cardinals 5 $52,965,509 $10,593,102
Angels 5 $50,650,000 $10,130,000
Phillies 5 $50,016,667 $10,003,333
Cubs 5 $42,666,667 $8,533,333
Braves 4 $51,512,082 $12,878,021
Dodgers 4 $45,500,000 $11,375,000
Orioles 4 $44,656,206 $11,164,052
Mariners 4 $40,929,000 $10,232,250
DBacks 4 $34,958,333 $8,739,583
White Sox 4 $33,250,000 $8,312,500
Brewers 2 $15,333,333 $7,666,667
Giants 3 $37,687,500 $12,562,500
Padres 3 $26,555,692 $8,851,897
Tigers 3 $24,850,000 $8,283,333
Rangers 2 $22,500,000 $11,250,000
Reds 2 $18,165,692 $9,082,846
Rockies 2 $25,100,000 $12,550,000
Athletics 2 $19,071,429 $9,535,715
Twins 2 $17,000,000 $8,500,000
Royals 1 $11,000,000 $11,000,000
Blue Jays 1 $10,500,000 $10,500,000
Nationals 1 $8,000,000 $8,000,000
Pirates 1 $7,750,000 $7,750,000
Marlins 1 $7,500,000 $7,500,000
Interestingly enough, seven of the top ten teams on my above list made the playoffs in 2004. Only the small market Twins were able to sneak through without four players in the top 100 salary list. Once again, you can tell me money does not buy championships and wins, but it sure helps. If you cannot afford some premium players, its hard to consistently make the playoffs or make the playoffs at all in any given season. It really makes what the Twins and A's are able to do absolutely astounding.

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  • Jeff Pearlman’s book "The Bad Guys Won," the biography of the '86 Mets, was released in paperback yesterday. It's cheaper and updated for any errors and such. Send an email to Jeff @ thebadguyswon@yahoo.com if you find any errors in the book or email him about anything else you want to, including naked pictures of your girlfriend or your wife. And…um….you can um, send those to me too.

  • Cablevision creates alcoholics. People are being forced to go drink and socialize at bars if they want to watch Mets games without going to the stadium. Oh the humanity.

    Oh, and James Dolan is a petty jackass who runs his business like a five year old kid. Your Metro channel is completely worthless so stop trying to sell it and Fox Sports and MSG will join the Metro channel as being worthless next year. You should be happy with whatever anyone gives you.

  • Maybe Sandy Alomar should help out Kaz.

    "Cliff was going crazy," Alomar said. "The players who really need this book are the ones who have trouble with their confidence or are affected in a negative way by what people say about them. The biggest mistake these guys can make is to try to please everybody. They have to be independent and please themselves."

  • From the NY Post:

    Kazuo Matsui has hit .348 (8-for-23) during a seven-game hitting streak that has raised his average from .234 to .271.

    Not much power there, but he'll start slapping doubles like the Straw used to slap hookers back in the 80's.

  • Also from the Post:

    Pitching match ups for the Nationals series: tonight, Jae Seo (1-0, 1.50 ERA) vs. RHP Livan Hernandez (2-2, 5.34); tomorrow, Victor Zambrano (1-2, 5.64) vs. RHP Zach Day (1-2, 5.09); Sunday, Aaron Heilman (2-2, 4.68) vs. RHP John Patterson (2-1, 0.98).

  • Petey has a slight man-crush on Diaz.

    "It's unfair to compare him to Manny. At the same age I'm pretty sure they were similar. I think he has the potential that Manny has. He runs pretty much the same. The fielding skills are there. I mean, he's probably going to be better than Manny in the outfield. He's smart, too. Once you get him to understand his role and how he needs to approach the game, get him to mature - he's only, what, 23 years old? Boy, oh boy."

  • ESPN's Power Rankings is showing the Mets some love. They are listed at #13 right behind the Yankees at #12 and for half the money.

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