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Thursday, April 14, 2005


The Mets new plan is to wear down the top tier pitchers and bore their opponent to death in order to work their bullpen. On a night where the strike zone was big and juicy, Glavine must have been drooling, thinking about a no hitter. To bad he was not pitching. Ishii was on the mound and benefited slightly from the expanded zone going seven innings while only walking three, but we know he is no exactly a pitcher who can work the corners and take advantage. Ishii chopped is ERA down by about half to 3.29 and looked great.

Though Ishii benefited from the zone mildly, Clemens abused the expanded zone and rarely actually threw a ball over the plate. Paul Nauert, who was the home plate ump was definitely slanted a bit more towards the 'Stros and gave Clemens an ├╝ber strike zone. The Mets really did not have much of a chance working against him. Not one looking strikeout was actually a ball in the zone. Such is life, but I'd be less inclined to complain if I felt it was completely even both ways. Roberto Hernandez and Braden Looper had what should have been strike three's in big situations and the ump was calling that pitch all night, but they were not born with the Clemens name. The bad umpiring did not stop there, in the bottom of the ninth, Marlon Anderson was called out diving into first even though Bagwell missed him with the glove by about a foot.

Despite all that, the Mets won their third in a row. Victor Diaz look good in the field and scored the winning run. Diaz walked in the 11th and eventually came around to score on a Jose Reyes Single. See what walks will do for you? The Mets have been much maligned for their bullpen, but aside from the Astros closer, the Astros bullpen is much, much scarier. The Mets bullpen has some promise and I smell a sweep of the lowly 'Stros. The wild thing part II takes the mound today and hopefully there will be an expanded strike zone tonight since he needs all the help he can get.

Did anyone catch Chris Burke drooling? He had a string on some bodily mucus-like fluid going from his face to his shoulder during one of his at bats (it could have been snot...not really sure).

* * *

  • Phil Humber got a no decision last night, but continued to pitch great.

    Philip Humber, New York's first-round draft choice, kept the Manatees off the scoreboard for five innings. Humber, who doesn't have a decision in two starts although his ERA is 0.90, allowed just one hit while striking out two.

  • Kris Benson update:

    Kris Benson, assigned to the disabled list because of a pectoral strain, played catch on Monday for the first time since being removed from a spring training start on April 3.

    Benson's first major league start of the season probably is at least two-and-a-half weeks away.

  • Yusmeiro Petit goes tonight for the B-Mets.

  • Yet another Yankee comparison:

    "I think Reyes, in some cases, has more overall talent than Jeter did, as far as arm strength, speed," Randolph said. "Derek brings something very different to the table . . . But I think that when you look at Reyes, you're going to be talking about him in the same breath as Jeter in a few years. I mean, not now, but eventually you will.

    "He's like a young colt right now but if you really look at it, you look at them at the same age, he's right there with Jeter. But as a winner, the mental part is very important, too, and he'll learn how to deal with that."

    While this is a good one, he still needs to stop doing it. Separate the Yankees from the Mets and stop with any comparisons.

  • Filip Bondy smokes crack.

    This remarkable specimen now has completed 14 innings in two games this season, given up one run and seven hits, struck out 18 (nine last night) and walked one. If they were voting for the Cy Young on tax day, Clemens would walk away with award No.8, in a rout over Pedro Martinez.

    Please, P-Mart would take that shit home. Actually, Josh Beckett would, but it certainly wouldn't be Clemens. He's been great, but you do not get extra points for being old, though it seems that way with Clemens sometimes.

  • Headlines you never want to read:

    Reyes gives Mets happy ending

    We all knew Reyes was a team player.....

  • The Fran Healy Quote of the Game:

    "The Mets can breathe a sigh of relief now that Clemens is coming out of this game. That might help the Mets."

    Thanks to David for pointing that one out.


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