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Sunday, April 10, 2005

One Down, Eighty-Seven To Go

Here are some numbers on Pedro. We know how nasty he's been, but it boggles the mind just to look at them. Since the first inning of opening day, he has been untouchable.

1st Inning 1 3 27 3 1 0 0.00 1 9.00 n/a .500 27.00
After 1St 14 2 1.3 1 0 3 1.93 20 12.86 6.67 .047 0.64

Pretty nasty stuff.

Righties only have one hit against him and that was Andruw Jones in yesterday's game. Righties have been held to .053/.053/.158. Lefties are doing a little better at .133/.212/.267. Overall he's put up .102/.154/.224.

I think Pedro is going to enjoy the National League just fine. Pedro needed just 101 pitches to completely dominate the Braves who's offense is going to keep them from sitting atop the NL East come season's end.

* * *

  • Vintage Cliff Floyd means handling lefties pretty well. He never had much trouble hitting them, though he hits righties better, and also was able to hit with power. After hitting 17 homers in 276 at bats in 2002 and 2003 (a homerun every 16.24 at bats), he fell off in a huge way and only hit one homer in 113 at bats. Strangely enough, from 2002 to 2003, he hit homers more frequently off of left handed pitchers. His 2004 season was so out of whack in terms of what he is capable of doing against left handers. The fact he already has doubled his homerun output against left handers in only eight at bats tells me it is not luck. This is the really Cliff Floyd. A healthy Cliff is a great asset to the team.

  • Yusmeiro Petit has a 0.00 WHIP so far in his three innings at AA Binghamton. You hear those footsteps !!sh!?

  • Kaz Matsui is a better player than Miguel Cairo. How predictable was it that the NY Media would favor an ex-Yankee since he has that Yankee blood in him after one 2 for 3 day? Cairo is a nice player, but when Kaz is playing to his potential, he is much better offensively than Miguel Cairo. To even start a controversy is ridiculous. Kaz is the guy and Kaz will come around. He's a talented offensive player. Let the guy have more than a five game chance. He gets dropped in the lineup before he gets benched.

  • As awesome as Pedro has been, he's been the second best pitcher in the league. Josh Beckett has been absolutely lights out.

  • Roberto Clemente Jr. not only did roids, but he has a new show on the FAN. The show was good, but I must warn you, about half of the show are callers praising his father.

  • I missed this one:
    The Associated Press reports Los Angeles Dodgers CL Eric Gagne was ejected for heckling home plate umpire Bill Hohn from the dugout Wednesday, April 6. Gagne, on the DL with a sprained elbow, was yelling at Hohn for balls and strike calls.

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