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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hey, At Least No One Got Hurt

Yesterday's loss sucked, but last time I checked it was one loss. I love being in the NY area since the NY Media provides plenty of coverage on my team. All winter, there was no shortage of stuff to read. However, days like yesterday bring out all the ridiculousness and idiocy of many people in the media. I had the unfortunate luck to hop in my car after the game while the radio was tuned to 1050 ESPN. Of course, right after the game, Michael Kay was on.

Kay was talking about how the Mets could have this problem all year with Pedro not being able to go deep into games and the bullpen wasting a good pitching performances. Yeah they could, but they also could not. Forget the fact another mindless drone spewed out the notion that Pedro does not go deep in games, but what is there really to complain about? He brought up the bullpen as a concern, but what I saw was completely positive.

I saw Aybar come in and touch 93 on the gun, having the ability to reach back and overpower someone if needed. I also saw Koo come in and fool two batters and a catcher. He K'd the first two batters, one of whom was Griffey who just walked away as soon as it hit the mitt, and Piazza dropped both third strikes. The last guy trickled out to the mound for a successful one, two, three inning. The guy who faltered is not a question mark. Brad Lidge he is not and this will happen, but he's not one that I'm worried about and two relative unknowns flashed some positives.

Was the game a horrible let down? Yeah, but Pedro was downright nasty, Beltran was unreal, Reyes was scampering all over the place, Matsui knocked one out, Floyd is swinging great, and Piazza looked good as well. Kay goes on to allow Yankee fan after Yankee fan to call in and ham it up and have a great time, which is fine if we know he is an unabashed Yankee crony. The funny thing is Yankee fans call Met fans sorry for enjoying when the Yankees lose, but Yankee fans love when the Mets lose too, though they try to claim to be above it.

He did say he felt bad for Willie, which is not really a surprise since he is an ex-Yankee that is unfortunate enough to be on the side of the losers now after being a winner for so many years, but it is unreal. The guy annoys me more than Fran Healy and Mike & the Mad Dog put together. If you ask me, I'm more concerned about the Mets getting on base this year than the bullpen. The Mets have three guys waiting in the wings when they get healthy in Moreno, Strickland, and Fortunato as well Bell who is better than their current options who will be ready to step up when the Mets need it. As far as I see it, lots of things went right, and one thing went wrong.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that Michael Kay is a blubbering vagina. It is just ridiculous how happy he was that the Mets had a tough loss. How about some objectivity and creativity in your show?

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  • If Blogger was not free, I'd definitely complain about it sucking.

  • So many horrible headlines, so little time:

    Looper Delivers A Blooper
    Thrown For A Loop
    Thrown For A Looper
    One And Oh, What An Opener!
    Two Hrs In Ninth Have Closer Feeling Like A Little Looper
    Willie Needs Mo, Instead Gets Woe

    Someone remind me again, was this the first time someone blew a save? Besides, I'd rather have it happen here than, oh I don't know, the playoffs against the Red Sox in 2004.

    Yankee crony #2...Buster Olney:

    ANSWERED: Do we have confirmation that the Mets' bullpen will be a serious problem? Yes, we do. And Braden Looper is supposed to be the most reliable guy in this group. But Pedro Martinez was excellent, as Adam Rubin tells us. He struck out the world, Looper said.

    How does he tie his shoes in the morning?

  • Omar on Benson:
    "It's a nagging injury and it's going to take time, unfortunately," general manager Omar Minaya said. "There's still some discomfort and we're going to wait until he totally heals before we get him going again. It's so early in the year that we want to be conservative."

  • Never pitch to Dunn again.

  • Do it Omar...

    That leaves only two options for Saturday: use one of the relievers or promote a pitcher not on the 40-man such as Juan Padilla or Jose Santiago. Yusmeiro Petit, the 20-year-old prospect, will not be used.

  • Do you really have a choice?

  • Got juice? The entire Angels system does. Not only do the Angels have one of the top farm systems in the majors, they have 5 of the 38 minor league players that failed testing on their team.

  • Ryan Zimmerman is unreal.

    Virginia junior third baseman Ryan Zimmerman went 10-for-15 as the Cavaliers were swept by North Carolina. He posted six RBIs, four steals and four runs and fell a double shy of the cycle Saturday. Zimmerman went 3-for-3 against Andrew Miller and 3-for-4 with three RBIs with a homer against Daniel Bard. He's batting .420-4-37 on the year.

    Andrew Miller is next year's first overall pick for those of you not familiar with this sophomore from North Carolina.


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