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Monday, April 11, 2005


The Mets have not given the fans much to believe in over the past few years and the 0 - 5 start the Mets were off too was starting to resemble the teams of the past few years. As much as they used the term New Mets, the certainly looked like the old Mets up to the same old things

It is hard for Met fans not to hit the panic button after the last few years of baseball have the organization has given us. In a season in which the fans are mostly optimistic about, the 0-5 start they got off to was painful to say the least. To be a die hard Met fan is to watch and treat every game like it was game seven of the World Series. At the end of the last season when the Mets were far, far out of it, and a few games to go, I was watching a game in a bar with a Mets.

The Mets are now 2 - 5 and the Yankees are 3 - 4. There start, while not optimal, does not look so bad now.

Lane said Biggio couldn't hear him calling for the ball because of all the noise from the sellout crowd of 53,663. Lane was charged with an error, allowing another run to score.

The home opener was amazing. However, I am not one who particulary likes comeback wins in the eighth inning. I am quite looking forward to a game in which the Mets lead from end to end.

"We're going to fight, man," Cliff Floyd said after the Mets' dramatic 8-4 win over the Astros at Shea yesterday. "We're going to play all nine."

One run was scored through the first five and a half innings and there were twelve scored between the top of the sixth to the top of the eight inning. The Mets won by playing small ball. They had thirteen hits, but twelve of them were singles.

Jose Reyes had an unbelievable play in the home opener in which he was going after a ball up the middle. He seemed to have a beat on the ball and it seemingly took a bad hop and Reyes, barehanded it and gunned the runner down at first. Reyes just shows flashed of how he could be gold glove material in the future.

Kaz had his best game by far in terms of hitting yesterday and I loved his drag bunt in the sixth. Not one person in the stadium, and more importantly on the Astros team was expecting the drag bunt and he laid on down.

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  • From ESPN.com:
    The Mets improved to 28-14 in home openers at Shea Stadium and 9-2 in their last 11.

  • The Yanks are really petty.

    The Yankee-centric myopia of the YES Network reached a fascinating level of absurdity yesterday in a pregame show that virtually ignored the sight of the Boston Red Sox receiving their World Series rings.

    Oh, it was discussed, but not seen live. During Kimberly Jones's 5-minute-24-second report from Fenway Park, the camera never showed the ceremony, live or on tape.

    "This place is wild," Jones told the studio host Bob Lorenz. (Do tell.)

    "The Yankees are standing on the dugout steps," she said. (No, didn't see that.)

    "Derek Lowe got a rousing ovation," she said. (Sorry, missed that, too.)

    The Yankees themselves were classy enough to stand on the top steps and applaud and be apart of the celebration. Afterall, the Red Sox deserved it. They beat the Yanks fair and square despite A-Rod's feeble attempt to cheat.

  • According to NJ.com, Kris Benson should get on the mound this weekend. If that goes well, he'll pitch a rehab start at St. Lucie or two. Also, something that I missed since I was a 1/2 inning late to the game:

    Heilman was one of two Mets, along with reliever Felix Heredia, booed during introductions -- although closer Braden Looper might have been booed, too. Either that or the fans were screaming, "Looooop."

    I'm pretty sure it was a boo for Looper.

  • Braves #1 in the Power Rankings on FoxSports.com? The Braves are far from being the best team in the majors.

  • Mientkiewicz, a bit player with the Red Sox until he caught the last out of the World Series and became embroiled in a controversy over ownership of the ball, said of his ring, "Whatever Petey wants, I'll follow. If he wants someone to bring it to him, if he wants them to mail it to him, I just want to get it. I just hope there's not cubic zirconia in mine because of the whole ball fiasco. I'm going to take mine to a jeweler to make sure it's real."

  • Baseball America has all of the opening day rosters taken care of.

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