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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I'm not telling him, you tell him

Omar and Duquette are probably fighting who has the enviable task of sending down Victor Diaz to AAA after Cameron comes back. Well, that's the plan anyway, but anything can obviously happen. Diaz is certainly earning his chops by simply ripping the ball. He is really looking like a mini-Manny right now and absolutely giving the Mets a welcome problem and all that production out of the eight spot? The Mets are looked like a loaded AL team with homers getting hit all over the batting order from leadoff spot to the eighth spot and two RBI triple out of the ninth spot.

In the first thirteen games, the Mets hit twelve homeruns, forty five RBIs, and no triples. In the first thirteen games they only game up eight homeruns. Last night, they hit seven homeruns and netted sixteen RBIs which is more than 25% of their total runs on the Year. The Mets needed a night like this because they really, really seemed like they were pressing at the plate. Piazza's blast was vintage Piazza and when everyone is hitting, the Mets can have production one through eight. Hell, even on Zambrano's triple, his swing looked good. He kept his head in there with a nice level swing and just drove it. Any night the Mets set a club records for homeruns in one is a good one.

Lost however, in the offensive barrage might be Zambrano's 96 pitches in six innings while give up only two earned runs. Yes he had a WHIP nearing 2.00 for the game, but he shows flashes of what he could be every game and there is still hope he'll get there.

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  • Maybe the Mets could hold tryouts for their broadcasting booth for next season?

    For $10, anyone at Citizens Bank Park can broadcast a half-inning of a game and receive a CD of the occasion to play and replay on the way home. Most Philadelphians tired of the ear-splitting novelty in the stadium's first season. Mets fans, however, comprise something of a cult following. Every time the Mets make this trip down the New Jersey Turnpike, their fans come along for some baseball karaoke.

    "We are packed for every Mets game," said Gina DeGiovanni, 24, the studio chief. "We'll have maybe one or two Phillies fans, but the Mets' fans are calling in advance to make reservations or coming up in the first inning to start putting their names on the list. I'm not really sure why it's caught on so much with them."

    Gina, that's because most New Yorkers are shameless and love to hear themselves talk.

  • Bell got an innings last night and still have a 0.00 WHIP for the year.

  • Jae Seo got rocked and now owns an 8.22 ERA in AAA, Ron Calloway is looking like Teddy Ballgame, Coyler managed to not walk anyone in one inning, and Ring is still hot.

  • Petit gets his first loss.

    "Yousmeiro" Petit had his worst outing in three starts this season and failed to get out of the fourth inning as the Binghamton Mets lost, 5-4, to the Portland Sea Dogs Tuesday night.

    Petit, the New York Mets' top-ranked pitching prospect, allowed all five of Portland's runs on four hits and two walks, striking out three. Petit had thrown a total of just seven innings in his first two starts, but had allowed no runs and only five hits in a pair of no decisions.

  • Victor Diaz has reached bases 12 times in his last 24 plate appearances, and he's hitting for power -- three home runs and a double in his last nine at-bats.

  • During Monday's ninth inning, Cliff Floyd crushed an enormous three-run homer on a 3-0 pitch, a bomb that got the Mets to within 5-4 with one out. But the reason Floyd swung at a 3-0 pitch in that situation was because he missed the take sign.

    "I like to give my guys a little free hack every once in awhile, but not in a situation like that," manager Willie Randolph said. "Our signs are a little bit different, so I can understand how he might have missed that one."

    Did Willie fine him?

  • Diaz continues to receive a lot of positive ink.

  • The Mets are ranked #11 according to Baseball Prospectus' Hit List.

    Clawed their way back to .500 in a hurry. Pedro Martinez (2.45 ERA, 12.3 K/9) is looking like the model in the catalog. Note to Willie: get Jose Reyes (.278 OBP, 0 BB) out of the leadoff spot.

  • The Orioles are interested in Todd Helton.

    According to the column, not only would the Orioles be willing to pick up the remaining $114 million on Helton's contract that runs through 2011 - after this season, the deal averages out to $17.01 million the next six years - but Baltimore would throw in a player package of first baseman Jay Gibbons, reliever John Parrish, two prospects and possibly starting pitcher Sidney Ponson.

  • I'm not saying this is the case with the 41 year old Randy Johnson right now, but at some point, he will start going downhill. His peripherals are still solid with a 9.23 k/9, 1.10 WHIP, and .238 BAA so it seems his 5.13 ERA is not 100% indicative of his performance. The five homers he has allowed has killed him and I do expect him to rebound a bit, but I do not think the Yankees are going to get the 2.50 ERA RJ that they thought they were paying all this money for. As much as the Mets were maligned for their four year Pedro deal, this deal will look worse.

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